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Why is it important for knee pain sufferers to replace their knees ?


Why is it important for knee pain sufferers to replace their knees ?

Usually it comes to notice that many people are facing the problem in their knees for which they have to get treatment on time . In most cases, replacement becomes the only option for the severe knee sufferers after which they feel relaxed. To have such treatments in their country one must consult their nearby orthopaedic hospital in India  where they feel comfortable and  can go for surgery.


Most widely there are well specialists for knee replacement in every country and it is needed too for citizens. Most cases arise with aged people or the one who has any injury of knees. 


What is Knee replacement surgery?

Knee replacement surgery also known as arthroplasty which means a certain operation is performed by surgeons to restore the feasibility of knees so that a person can easily walk or stand. For such procedures, doctors use advanced and sterilised equipment along with some parts of metal and plastic which they used to insert as a cap to surround the end bones of knees. It is a painless and safe procedure but done under anaesthesia.


Success Rate

Since the last 20 years, knee replacement cases have highly increased from 20% to 90% from which patients are walking easily without any support or help, easily stepping up stairs and normally standing up from chairs. Moreover, those who want to continue their physical activities are all ready to go. A Higher success rate contributes to living a more relaxing life. To get so, reach the best orthopaedic hospital in India and get relief.


Cost and Duration 

Surgery charges depend on how much a person is hugely pained or hurt. In total, it costs from Rs 2,80,000 to Rs 6,00,000 for Knee Replacement Surgery in India for both knees so after surgery a person can spend 15-20 years without any pain. 


Arthroscopy of knees

Mostly knee surgeries are done by arthroscopy which can cure various knee issues or knee replacement. It is a type of keyhole surgery which means a doctor can see the internal knee by placing a camera through small cuts on either side of the knee. Through this surgery a person can be cured from meniscus, ligament damage and arthritis. Usually this operation takes 30 to 40 minutes. Under anaesthesia first the surgeon will see if your knee ligaments and muscles are relaxed or not. Then a camera will be inserted  inside your knee  through a small cut to place certain metals or cappings. Although to check the damage to the cartilages, joint surfaces and ligaments. However a doctor has to remove or repair the pull pieces of cartilages without making a large cut. 

What complications can happen?

General complications faced by patients are:-

  • Blood clot in leg or lung
  • Normal bleeding
  • Infection of wound
  • Chest infection
  • Urine difficulty
  • Allergy from medication or materials


How much time to recover?

Average recovery time is about 6 months.But taking care for another 6 months can benefit you to enjoy better knees for 10-15 years. 


Do and Don’ts


  • Taking a few physical therapies in the beginning can help you recover fastly.
  •  Fast Walking can help you from any blood clots, keep your joints limber and improves circulation
  •  Exercise, moving knees up and down can prevent it from sticking again.
  •  After surgery don’t do any heavy work, rest as much as you   can.
  •  Keep your diet healthy by adding more nutrition.


If you want to have Knee Replacement Surgery in India, you can contact Kalyan Hospital for the same.

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