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What is Spine Surgery?

A Lumbar spine surgery, a spine surgery is any form of surgery performed in the lower back (lumbar spine). The spinal decompression surgeries involve removing the lamina to relieve pressure on the spinal nerves


Am I Suitable Candidate for Spine Surgery?

To ascertain your candidacy, an extensive examination of the spine is required for some patients. Normally, patients with; Severe pain or trouble while sleeping, walking or exercises, Failure of conservative treatments are suitable candidates


Cost of Treatment?

A patient’s cost of treatment depends on the type of treatment suitable. The different forms of treatments and surgeries such as knee replacement, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation cost differently.


International Patients

We have a specialized treatment approach to our international patients. With unique and friendly approaches, we provide world-class orthopedic treatments and surgeries using sophisticated equipment.


Welcome To Kalyan Hospital - Endoscopic Spine & Joint Replacement Centre

A Specialized Orthopaedic centre for all joint problems


Dr. Rajinder Singh

MBBS. MS, Mch (Orthopaedics)

(Managing Director & Chief Orthopaedic Consultant at Kalyan Hospital)

Dr. Rajinder is most dedicated Microscopic Spine & Joint Replacement Surgeon. He is renowned for the 17 years of the experience in the field of the Orthopedics & Joint Replacement Surgery. He is specialized in managing the simple to the complex orthopedic surgeries.

Dr.Rajinder Singh is the MD of the Kalyan hospital. Moreover, he is having the internationally name in the field of the orthopedic, spinal and arthroscopic surgery. He has completed his orthopedics degree in the year 1994. He also completed his MCH (ortho) from US.

Dr. Rajinder Singh is highly specialization in Microscopic spine surgery, Joint Replacement, Arthroscopy, Simple fracture to complex polytrauma & different kinds of sports injuries. He is having the head most concept of the minimal invasive endoscopic spine surgery in whole of the Punjab region.







Our Primary Objective Is Patient Satisfaction At An Affordable Cost

Kalyan Hospital is a renowned hospital known for its standard orthopedic practices and extraordinary results from every surgery. It is a sophisticated hospital with various departments handling major concerns in the sphere of orthopaedics. More to that;

  • We have vast experience in Orthopaedics
  • World-class technology

With the desire of introducing advanced orthopedic techniques, our hospital has incorporated a wide range of innovative practices that are provided in few orthopedic centres in India.

Our orthopedic specialist is extremely experienced in the area of advanced orthopedic surgeries, treatment, and physiotherapy. In addition, our team is absolutely dedicated and cooperative when it comes to treatment provision. Our treatment approaches are up to standard.


  • Sophisticated OPD & IPD (Appointment System for OPD)
  • Multispecialty Services
  • A modern ICU
  • State of the art Operation theaters (Sterilized/septic) with C-arm machines, centralized suction, centralized oxygen supply, and HD monitors
  • Emergency 24*7
  • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation centre (IPD & OPD)
  • In-house Pharmacy, laboratory, and X-ray Digital
  • Modern recovery rooms
  • Professional orthopedic specialists
  • World-class facility
  • Crutches and walkers
  • Proper follow-up

About hospital

Kalyan Hospital is one of the leading orthopedic specialty centres in India offering a wide range of orthopedic surgeries and treatments. The hospital was established 15 years ago and currently, it is one of the best state-of-the-art orthopedic facilities. It conducts major orthopedic surgeries like Joint replacement surgeries, Arthroscopy, Endoscopic surgeries, Neurosurgeries and contemporary treatments like physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and medication.

The hospital is highly sophisticated with numerous world-class facilities such as an ICU, CT/MRI (24*7), Emergency 24*7, Blood Bank, Arthroscopy Joints, Biochemistry, Rehabilitation centre, ECG (Auto-reporting), X-Ray (Digital), Pain Management Clinic, Clinical Pathology, Hematology, Pharmacy, and an Ambulance.

With a staff of over forty-five experienced doctors and nurses, our main goal is to provide world-class orthopedic treatments and surgeries at an affordable rate. We conduct all procedures using modern techniques that are minimally invasive, safe and effective. We monitor and follow our patients throughout the treatment course and recovery period.

Happy Patients

A Specialized Orthopaedic centre for all joint problems


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A Specialized Orthopaedic centre for all joint problems

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