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3 Signs of knee pain that indicates you need a doctor


3 Signs of knee pain that indicates you need a doctor

Knee pain is a very common issue which is faced by many people as they age. In some cases, the problem is solved on its own. However, sometimes the problem gets in excess which means you need to consult a doctor right away. Read the given topic to know more about the warning signs.

Being an athlete is very common to have knee pain from time to time. Long training time, bumps, overuse, or bruises by doing sports can result in minor knee pain which eventually heals within 1 day or two by ice technique and rest. But there are some scenarios in which there is serious knee pain. Here are some warning signs which indicate that you need to seek help from the doctor.

Continues pain from Last 48 hours

If the patient is having knee pain for more than 2 days then you need to consult the ortho doctor. The pain in the knee joint is because of muscular origin. Some of its causes include deep pain in the joint which includes meniscus injury and cartilage which covers as well give joint support.

The meniscus is called shock absorber. It covers the leg bones ends which helps in smooth flexion while walking and running. But, if the meniscus tears then it will limit the movement as well as result in deep knee pain. It might even give a feeling like that knee is locked in one place.

Persistent swelling for more than 48 hours

When an injury occurs there is swelling. This happens because the soft tissue gets damaged or it can bleed internally. It results in pain and loss of motion which limits the joints or muscle use. It can be seen but at times it can look normal. Swelling in the joint result in stiffness and might produce a clicking sound as the tendons snap over.

Treatment should not be neglected when the knee looks misaligned or deformed. It can be a sign of dislocation, fracture, or patella tracking injury. Dislocations are seen within 6 hours after an injury to stop permanent damage.

Instability or Reduced Range of Motion

The movement can indicate internal swelling as well as other joint injuries. If the movement is limited for more than one day then you should seek help from the doctor.

Instability of the knee or any sensation might suggest that you have knee ligament injury. This is also the biggest warning sign that you need to seek help from the doctor. If the problem is severe than doctor will suggest you to get knee replacement.

Taking Immediate Action!

If you are facing any signs then it is important that you seek help from your physician as they will evaluate your condition properly. Book your appointment with our doctor to get a proper evaluation.

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