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Some Ortho Facts A Common Person Must Know About


    Some Ortho Facts A Common Person Must Know About

    The bones which we have in our bodies make our life possible. All of us need to know more about bones. Have a look at some of the important facts about bones and bone fractures:

    Many people get injured

    Many people every year suffer from one broken bone ( minimum one broken bone). This includes many children who fall down while playing, and many people who injure themselves during an accident. The injuries keep adding up each year.

    Common places to get injured

    It has been proven that the collarbone is the most common place to get injured. It is very easy for people to break bones in their arms, wrists, and ankles. Orthopedic surgeons help many patients of all ages to recover quickly from injuries.


    People above 70 are likelier to break their hip bone than any other bone. This is due to an injury or illness like osteoporosis. Osteoporosis causes the bones to weaken and also increases the chances of unexpected fractures.

    Difference Between Break And Fracture

    Many people believe that “fracture” means a crack, while “break” means bones that get separate. But, orthopedic experts say that “fracture” is the medical term for “breaking of bones.”


    We all are aware of the fact that smoking is not good for our health. But, still, people are seen with cigarettes in their hands smoking. Not many people know that smoking also impacts the ability to heal from broken bones. Nicotine, cigars, tobacco can have a very bad effect on the healing process.

    • Rest
    • Ice
    • Compression
    • Elevation

    Broken bones cut the skin and look twisted, and are very painful. One of the most painful injuries which need emergency medical attention. The pain and swelling can be treated at home. Experts suggest using the RICE method of treatment. The RICE method consists of resting properly, applying ice on the affected area, giving compression, and keeping the leg and feet elevated and sitting. If the RICE treatment does not affect the pain and swelling, then it is time to show it to an ortho doctor.

    Seeking Medical Attention

    If none of the above-mentioned things reduce the pain, it is better to see a doctor and seek medical attention. It is better not to let the injury heal on its own and get it cured under the supervision of an expert.

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