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Some Key Facts about Osteoporosis


    Some Key Facts about Osteoporosis

    Well, there are several types of bone problems that people face in their life. In these conditions, you have to visit the ortho doctor, so that you can treat your condition. Or if you want to gain knowledge about a certain type of bone problem, then must read this article.

    What is osteoporosis?

    Osteoporosis is explained as a silent disease of the bone or porous bones. In this condition, people usually start losing more bones than what they make. This is a very serious condition, in which you have to talk to an Ortho doctor so that you can get the right treatment on time. For this, you have to visit the ortho centre, because the only specialist here can treat you well. He will also tell you some facts about osteoporosis and why this happens.

    Here are some facts about osteoporosis.

    Fact 1:- Losing bone and aging

    Well, the majority of people start experiencing bone problems when they reach their 30s. However, women usually start losing their bone during the menopause period around 2%.

    Fact 2:- Bone is never lost at random

    Yes, it is true that bone is never lost easily because the bone is generally a scaffold. Additionally, this scaffold is explained as strengthening structure of the bone, which makes your bones strong. So, when you start losing bone, you first lose the horizontal structures, which are additionally responsible for serious conditions. In this condition, your bones easily get affected by injury and trauma as well. So, it is true that bone is never lost easily without any problem.

    Fact 3:- Men also get osteoporosis

    Yes, it is true that men also experience osteoporosis condition. It is also true that women are more prone to get this condition in life because they have weak bones as compared to men. And men develop has strong bones and start losing bones at an older age, when they usually reach their 50s.

    Fact 4:- Osteoporosis and fracture risk

    Yes, osteoporosis condition increases your risk of getting fractures. And most of the fractures are caused in wrist, hips, and spine too. People with osteoporosis and fractures are at greater risk of several health conditions as well. So, you have to get the treatment as soon as possible to reduce the risk of developing other health conditions as well.

    Fact 5-: Fracture prevention and Vitamins

    If you are suffering from this condition due to genetic reasons then you need to get the treatment immediately. And there are several types of therapies, which can help you to get rid of this condition and to reduce the risk of other problems as well. These are-:

    • The utilization of assistive devices helps you to get rid of this problem.
    • Start wearing shoes with rubber lining
    • Constant weight-bearing exercise and maintain a healthy weight
    • Calcium and vitamin D has the ability to remodel your bones properly.

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