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Tips by Dr Rajinder Singh for Pain Relief


    Tips by Dr Rajinder Singh for Pain Relief

    Shoulder pain is a common condition in many people who experience severe pain while lifting their arm or shoulder. In this condition, you need to visit the doctor so that you can get the right treatment. Here, in this guide we are going to give you some tips to get relief from severe shoulder pain.

    These days, many people are suffering from back, shoulder, knee, and spine pain, due to some factors. They get so many treatment options from them but they are unable to get rid of the pain. Here, in this guide, our senior doctor is going to give you some tips to get rid of the pain. Dr. Rajinder Singh is an ortho doctor, who has vast experience and skills to treat people with pain. If you are suffering from severe pain, then just meet him once so that he can examine your condition properly.

    Let’s have a look at some ortho tips to get rid of the pain.

    Frozen Shoulder 

    If you are suffering from chronic or sharp while lifting your arm, combing your hair, and performing many other tasks with your hand or arm, you are facing a frozen shoulder problem. Well, this condition is usually experienced by women who are in their 50s. In addition to this, people with diabetes also suffer from this condition. According to the doctor, do not delay the treatment, you must visit the doctor as soon as possible. He may recommend medications, or you need shoulder replacement in order to treat your condition. So, do not delay the treatment or do not leave it untreated because this will lead you to severe conditions over time.

    Rotator Cuff Strains and Tears     

    This condition is again associated with shoulder pain, but unlike frozen shoulder rotator cuff strains do not affect your activity schedule. You can move your arm in any direction even with this condition. Most sports person experience this condition due to injury while playing.

    Well, the treatment depends on the stage of injury, you may need medications or herbal remedies such as ice and proper rest will give you relief from pain.

    Impingement Syndrome

    Well, this condition is additionally known as the swimmer’s shoulder. In addition to this, this is the most common type of shoulder pain that occurs on the rotator cuff. Due to impingement syndrome, you experience severe pain, and it limits your ability to lift your arm. In this condition, you must use ice packs, rest properly, and avoid overusing your shoulder. You can simply get relief from pain with the help of medicines and a specific type of exercise.

    If you are still suffering from the problem, then must visit our doctor for a better treatment option.

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