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What Is The Life Expectancy Of The Knee Or Hip Implants?


What Is The Life Expectancy Of The Knee Or Hip Implants?

It is not uncommon today to get the total hip or knee replacement in India as technological reforms and modifications have altered the replacement method in many ways so the people can have safer, better and outstanding results with fewer complications.

If you have chosen the best orthopedic doctor in Punjab then you can expect the major improvement in the equality of your life after knee or hip replacements. People sent a lot of money to restore their mobility and to get relief from painful knee or hip so long-lasting results can be the prime concern for the patients.

It can be the common question that can be struck into the mind of people that how long the new implants will last after the surgical replacements? Will there be the need for revision surgery for knee or hip replacement?

Duration of the knee or hip implants may vary

It can difficult to say about the life of your new knee or hip as their life may depend on various factors such as

  • The surgical technique used for knee or hip replacement
  • Experience and efficiency of your orthopedic surgeon
  • Age of the patient
  • Weight of the patient
  • Whether the patient is active or not?
  • Medical history and health of the patient
  • Commitment for after surgical care
  • Success ratio of the center
  • Material of new artificial implants

All above factors may decide that how long your hip or knee implants may last so it can be difficult to give the fixed duration for their lifespan. However, if we talk on average basis then a few years back then knee or hip implants use d to last for 10 years but these days due to surgical improvements and use of the high material in implants the life years of these implants have to get doubled means approximately 20 years.

As per the data published in April 2017, in the edition of medical journal only 4.4 % patients required hip replacement surgery in first 10 years out of 60,000 people and after 20 years this percentage get increased up to 15%. If we talk about knee replacement surgery then out of 55,000 people only 3.9% required the revision surgery within 10 years but within 20 years of surgery the percentage increased up to 15%.

So according to the researchers only a few people need revision surgery within the 10 years of the knee or hip replacement and they also related the success ratio with age as according to their study need of replacement surgery for the patient having age more than 70 is only 5% but this percentage is quite high for youngsters.

If you are also planning for knee or hip replacement surgery then you must discuss with your surgeon as he can give you the clear idea about the expected success ratio and long-lasting results after surgery.

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