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Hip Replacement: Facts That Entail This Surgical Option

Replacement surgeries are common in the orthopaedic field and the most notable of them is a hip replacement. Any joint replacement surgery generally aims at replacing the worn-out joint. Common causes of hip damage arise from arthritis, fractures, infection, among others. Explaining The Common Reasons For Hip Replacement The hip is a ball and socket [...]


In Need of Total Knee Replacement? Please Understand the Procedure Before You Lastly Undergo the Knife

There is no doubt that total knee replacement surgeries (TKR) are on a rise. India particularly serves as a top destination for this complex surgery where an artificial joint is introduced in the body. However, even though the surgery is a corrective procedure you ought to understand the procedure in-depth before you undergo it. At [...]


How Much Do You Know About An Endoscopic Spine Surgery?

Unlike decades back, patients are provided with a minimally invasive surgical approach to treating back pain. The modern and advanced back surgery is known as “Endoscopic Spine Surgery” conducted with specialized instruments for optimal outcomes. At this juncture, let’s understand more about this modern surgery; Describing an Endoscopic Spine Surgery! An endoscopic spine surgery is [...]

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