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Managing Life With Osteoarthritis

This condition is known as wear and tear joint disease which can cause in any age group. Obesity is the foremost reason for this condition because your body weight puts extra weight and pressure on your joints which can lead to damaging. A recent study reveals that excess weight or obesity leads to many health [...]


Keep Your Spine Healthy With These tips

Whether it is a strained muscle or spinal stenosis, it takes time to diagnose and treat the issue of back pain. There are different things which might affect your work because of this issue. For this, it is also important that you should consult the doctor for back pain treatment. Moreover, you can follow some [...]


Lifestyle Tips To Prevent Back Pain

Back pain is a common health problem in people because of a sedentary lifestyle, injuries, and over-exercising. This condition is additionally caused by everyday activities when you have done it in an incorrect way and due to standing for a long time. Many people consider home remedies and lifestyle changes as a back pain treatment. [...]


Recovering Faster After The Ankle Injury

At some point in your lives, you might have suffered from the problem of a sprained ankle. This problem is more common in athletes as they are more involved in daily physical activities. There are some ways in which you can prevent and treat an ankle injury. Reduce the activity level After the injury, if [...]


Importance of PRP injections in Orthopedics

What are PRP injections? PRP injections are explained as Platelet-rich-plasma which is liquid present in the blood. It is additionally known as plasma which contains small components such as red, white cells, and platelets. These cells are essential to prevent you from many diseases because red blood cells provide you strength in order to battle [...]


Some Facts About Osteoarthritis Of The Knee Pain

The patients who have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis have different questions in their mind regarding the entire treatment. Some patient might have different questions, but the most common facts about osteoarthritis treatment In Punjab are mentioned below.   The most common type of Arthritis   You are not alone who is facing the problem of [...]


Weight’s Relation With Various Orthopaedic Problems

A recent study reveals that excess weight or obesity leads to many health problems, such as heart diseases, thyroid problems, respiratory problems, joint pain, and Orthopedic Problems. In addition, it impacts orthopedic health negatively because of a sedentary lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy weight is an incredible factor it lower the risk of serious health problems. [...]


Daily Habits That Contribute To Future Back Pain

Back pain is the most common disorders in the world. Many people get hospitalized because of this condition and the most common back pain treatment is surgery. We in our daily lives do so many things which lead to back pain. Let us see of the most common activities which lead to unbearable pain in [...]


Which One Should I Choose Knee Replacement Vs Conservative Treatment Of Knee Pain

Out of the many successful operations which are carried out the world over, knee replacement is one of them. It has been a boon to many people who have gone through it. Patients ask their doctor about the correct time to have their knee replacement done. Below are mentioned some traditional treatments for curing arthritis [...]

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