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Which One Should I Choose Knee Replacement Vs Conservative Treatment Of Knee Pain


    Which One Should I Choose Knee Replacement Vs Conservative Treatment Of Knee Pain

    Out of the many successful operations which are carried out the world over, knee replacement is one of them. It has been a boon to many people who have gone through it. Patients ask their doctor about the correct time to have their knee replacement done. Below are mentioned some traditional treatments for curing arthritis and many more things. Look at the points before going to the doctor

    Treating Knee Arthritis:


    This is considered one of the effective means of treatment. The most effective therapy is closed-chain quadriceps strengthening. The foot is placed on the floor to strengthen the large muscles of the thigh. This improves the way the knee cap moves inside the knee joint, reduces the pain, and also increases the ability of the knee to function properly.

    Weight Loss

    This is another great way of dealing with knee arthritis. While speaking about weight, we mostly talk about BMI or body mass index(the ratio of weight and height, which online calculators calculate). All those with a BMI of over 30 should get to lose weight and see if that helps them with their knee pain. Many patients cannot undergo surgery due to being overweight. Hence the first thing which needs to be done is to check your weight and try to reduce it; only then will you be eligible for knee replacement surgery.

    Cortisone Injections

    Cortisone Injections or steroid injections are very common for knee arthritis treatment. There is very less risk of injection; the injection is very beneficial in relieving the pain. They are supposed to be injected after a period of 4 months in the clinic.


    NSAID or anti-inflammatory medicines like acetaminophen and ibuprofen are also very beneficial in easing out the pain. Acetaminophen has to be taken at least 3 times a day.

    Ibuprofen can be used as pain relief medicine as long as the patient can use them. But, always take medicines with the proper instructions given.

    Some other treatments

    There are many other treatments besides theses like unloader knee braces,  heel lift placed in shoe and injections of Hyaluronic acid( which is a gel that is needed to inject into the knee). Has been used for a long time to relieve pain.

    When to get Knee Replacement done?

    In case the pain is so unbearable that It makes walking, or sleeping very difficult  and when other forms of treatment do not give any relief, Then it is time for you to get a knee transplant.

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