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Weight’s Relation With Various Orthopaedic Problems


    Weight’s Relation With Various Orthopaedic Problems

    A recent study reveals that excess weight or obesity leads to many health problems, such as heart diseases, thyroid problems, respiratory problems, joint pain, and Orthopedic Problems. In addition, it impacts orthopedic health negatively because of a sedentary lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy weight is an incredible factor it lower the risk of serious health problems. You should practice sensible exercise programs to avoid the risk of heart disease and high cholesterol levels. It not only causes these two problems but also leads to arthritis joint pain, which will not then treat with the medication. In this way, you only need joint replacement surgery which is basic arthritis treatment.

    Some facts revealed about the relationship between obesity and orthopedic problems include-:

    Increased risk of osteoarthritis

    This is wear and tear joint disease which can cause in each age group. Obesity is the foremost reason for this condition because your body weight puts extra weight and pressure on your joints, which can damage you. You should now talk to your primary care doctor and tell him about the reasons behind obesity, then he will guide some exercises in order to maintain a healthy weight. Then you can able to reduce the risk of osteoarthritis, heart diseases, and joint damage.

    Musculoskeletal and chronic pain

    People who are suffering from excess weight are most likely to experience musculoskeletal and chronic pain because obesity harms your soft tissues. You have to try some sensible exercise which can lead you to a healthy lifestyle.

    Higher risk of musculoskeletal injury

    People who are obese not only encounter wear and tear joint pain but also encounter an injury of musculoskeletal because being overweight is the condition that can worsen your minor condition as compared to ordinary people. After this, you will not be able to slow down the risk of injury if you do not maintain a healthy weight.

    Slow down the surgery recovery

    If you are thinking of taking surgical treatment, then you should keep in mind that your excess weight will slow down the recovery process. Normal people require only one month after the osteoarthritis treatment to recover but obese people need a lot of time. In this way, you have to maintain a healthy weight first, then you should go with a surgical procedure or any type of medical process. It not only slows down the recovery of joint replacement surgery but also leads to side effects or complication.

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