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Recovering Faster After The Ankle Injury


    Recovering Faster After The Ankle Injury

    At some point in your lives, you might have suffered from the problem of a sprained ankle. This problem is more common in athletes as they are more involved in daily physical activities. There are some ways in which you can prevent and treat an ankle injury.

    • Reduce the activity level

    After the injury, if you think walking can help, but it is not at all a great idea. Your body needs time to heal and if you try to involve your body in too much physical activity it will prolong the recovery time. Additionally, it can also cause more damage to the ligaments which are affected. This can also give a long-term weakness that may also lead to future injuries. Until the pain is completely gone you should not put pressure on the ankle. To reduce the pressure on the joints you might need crutches or stabilizing boot.

    • Use rapid contrast therapy

    If you are treating the treatment from ortho doctor then you should ask for rapid contrast therapy for faster recovery of an ankle injury. Additionally, therapeutic cold and heat can help in improving blood circulation around the body. For faster recovery, your body must get proper oxygen and nutrients.

    • Compression

    One of the components of RICE will surely help you, which is ‘C’ for compression. It is the best way to deal with an ankle injury. You should use the conventional form of treatment which is compression wrap. This will help you to easily do the basic movements more easily, which includes flexing, extending, and circling the foot. You should do them during the night and for some part of the day. This will surely help you to recover faster from the injury.

    • Back to balancing basics

    After the injury, the very first problem you will face is balancing. Your physical therapist will advise you to stand on one leg and try the single-leg postures. Additionally, he will suggest you walk on an uneven surface. Because of this, it will help you to regain ankle flexibility and dorsiflexion. It is very important to increase the range of motion slowly and slowly. You should also try jogging on a flat and even surface. After this, you can add a few rope jumps to your daily routine to get your physical strength back.

    Once the problem is completely solved, you should do some things to prevent the problem from happening next time. Before exercising, you should warm up and do proper stretching. Keep in mind to not overdo any exercise.

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