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Importance of PRP injections in Orthopedics


    Importance of PRP injections in Orthopedics

    What are PRP injections?

    PRP injections are explained as Platelet-rich-plasma which is liquid present in the blood. It is additionally known as plasma which contains small components such as red, white cells, and platelets. These cells are essential to prevent you from many diseases because red blood cells provide you strength in order to battle with viruses and infections. In addition, platelets are well-known for growth factors because these contain protein which is important to heal injuries. For example, more platelets found in your blood more powerful you are with the goal to fight with injuries and infections. In this process, your own blood is used to treat injuries and joint pains.

    What are the different conditions that are treated with PRP injections?

    This procedure is basically used to treat injuries, acute injuries, and joint pains. This is also performed to cure fractures, damaged cartilage, and problems from previous surgeries. There are many factors that affect the success of PRP injections such as

    • The overall health of the patient
    • The injured area of the body being treated
    • Whether the injury is acute or chronic

    The success and effectiveness of PRP are based on your overall health because it is performed with your own blood. Firstly your surgeon examines your health and asks you about your medical history.

    How do PRP injections work?

    PRP is based on your health because this is performed with your own blood. In this process, your surgeon has drawn your blood in order to treat your injury and pain. After taking blood from your body, your surgeon separate other blood cells and this process is known as centrifugation. In addition, after this, your remaining blood is combined with platelets for better functioning. There are 2 different ways to speed up the healing process include-:

    PRP injections directly injected into the injured or affected areas of the body. For instance, if you are suffering from arthritis and acute injury then your surgeon directly and carefully infuse injections in joints. This is not only effective for orthopedics but also well-known for arthritis treatment in Ludhiana. Many athletes take this treatment in order to cure their injuries and chronic pain.

    In addition, this process is additionally useful to improve recovery from surgery. People who require take surgery in order to treat their tendon or ligament need these injections because these offer them great benefits such as reduce swelling and pain. It is also useful to improve the healing process because it requires only one week for recovery from surgery.

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