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    What Is The Life Expectancy Of The Knee Or Hip Implants?

    It is not uncommon today to get a total hip or knee replacement in India as technological reforms and modifications have altered the replacement method in many ways so that people can have safer, better, and outstanding results with fewer complications. If you have chosen the best orthopedic surgeon in Punjab, then you can expect [...]


      When To Choose Minimal Invasive Shoulder Surgery And Who Can Go For It?

      Inventions and advancements in medical science have given relief to many patients as these advancements have turned the surgeries into minimal surgical procedure with fewer complications and lesser recovery time. If we talk about the orthopedic field, then the least invasive surgeries have enabled patients to get replaced their painful joints, knees, and hips or [...]


        Can Vitamins and Supplements add to Joint Health and Knee Replacement Success?

        Knee replacement surgery is an effective way to get rid of pain and discomfort but after surgery, it is essential to maintain joint health. Our special team of professionals provides instructions to patients for after-surgical care and the best health. Patients are asked to have a nutritious diet enriched with Vitamins as per the requirements [...]

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          Knee Cap Injuries: Incidence, Cause, & Treatment

          For athletes, kneecap injuries are totally known to them as they are certainly exposed to greater risk. A kneecap injury generally results from a great deal of force, most of which are acute injuries. A broken kneecap and patella dislocation are the two commonest kneecap injuries you must have. A dislocated kneecap occurs when forced [...]

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            In the sedentary lifestyle-oriented world, it is common to hear about back pain among youngsters and teenagers. To get rid of this back pain, there is a need to have an appropriate lifestyle and eating habits along with effective treatment. For any person, there can be two approaches for treatment depending on his problem. One [...]

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              Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) – Revision Total Knee Transplant

              How revision total knee transplant differs from total knee transplant? Both the procedure are surgical but the first one is done to replace the painful or damaged knee to give relief to patient but in the second one procedure previous failed total knee prosthesis is replaced with new prosthesis. However both the procedures are highly [...]

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