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A Pulled Calf Muscle ‘Calf Strain’: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment


    A Pulled Calf Muscle ‘Calf Strain’: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

    A Pulled Calf Muscle is also known as a calf strain or a torn calf muscle. This type of injury is common among athletes or generally, can occur during any sports activity. A Pulled Calf Muscle develops when any of the calf muscles is pulled past the normal limit. This occurrence will strain it and can also damage several muscle fibers.

    The Calf Muscles Explained

    According to an experienced orthopaedic doctor in India, calf muscles will definitely trigger an intense pain when stretched beyond the normal limit. Ideally, the calf consists of tow major muscles which are; gastrocnemius and soleus.

    The deep soleus muscle stands from right below the knee joint and the gastrocnemius muscle rests on the top of the soleus muscle. Both of these muscles meet to form the Achilles tendon. The tendon then attaches the calf to the foot at the back of the heel.

    In the real sense, these calf muscles work jointly by pulling the foot down into plantarflexion. In waking life, these muscles help you lift the foot from the ground while running, walking, or even jumping. They actually stabilize the ankle.

    Where Do Calf Problems Spring From?

    Generally, calf muscle strain can occur due to overuse or injury during a sports activity. The severity of the damage differs and commonly, the calf muscle strain will affect the large superficial gastrocnemius muscle, rather than the soleus muscle. However, the injury can also affect the soleus muscle.

    Sports & Calf Muscle Strains

    Commonly, a strained calf muscle can occur during a sports activity. This is when the muscle is overstretched, most especially during football, basketball, tennis, soccer, among other games.

    Normally, the injury develops from the sudden bursts of speed required when an athlete is to move from a stationary position. The injury can also occur as an athlete changes the direction or as he or she accelerates.

    Overuse Or Repetitive Overuse & Calf Muscle Strains

    An individual may also experience a calf strain as he or she regularly runs and jumps. This occurs in case the muscles are either tight or weak. Calf muscle strains are more common in runners.

    What Are The Common Symptoms of Calf Muscle Strains

    Calf muscle strains are commonly categorized into three grades- 1 to 3. These grades indicate the extent of the injury. However, the generalized symptoms of a strained calf muscle include;

    • Pain- moderate, sharp pain, or severe pain

    • Cramping

    • Weakness

    • Bruising

    • Swelling

    Treatment For A Pulled Calf Muscle

    Fortunately, surgery isn’t applicable to Pulled Calf Muscles, but a consultation is necessary. Once you get a calf muscle strain, it is necessary that you visit the best orthopedic hospital in India for an evaluation.

    The provided treatment will generally aim at healing the muscle and preventing further damage. Possible treatment approaches include;

    • Compression

    • Ice

    • Elevation

    • An Ultrasound

    • Rest

    • Exercises

    • Medications

    • Massage

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