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Can Vitamins and Supplements add to Joint Health and Knee Replacement Success?


Can Vitamins and Supplements add to Joint Health and Knee Replacement Success?

Knee replacement surgery is effective way to get rid from pain and discomfort but after surgery it is essential to maintain joint health. Our special team of professionals provides instructions to patients for after surgical care and best health. Patients are asked to have nutritious diet enriched with Vitamins as per requirement of your body. However supplements can also fulfill the requirement of body for specific vitamins. Before taking vitamins or supplements it is important to talk with your doctor as each substance has its own pros and cons

Intake of supplements

Intake of different vitamins for best joint health

Avoid vitamin K

Patients are asked to avoid vitamin K as this vitamin does not play positive role for joint health.  As immediate after surgery , food enriched with vitamin K can cause blood clotting so patients are asked to avoid broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, green beans, lentils, liver, soybeans, kale, cabbage , onions and even garbanzo beans.

Vitamin C and zinc

Patients are asked to boost up their diet with vitamin C and Zinc as both of these help in boosting the immune system so help to prevent viruses and infections.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D play positive role for bone health as it increase the bone density so patients are advised to take vitamin D in 3 ways that are taking Vitamin D enriched food, sun exposure for 15-20 minutes or taking supplements.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps in the wound healing so patients are asked to apply vitamin E oil on wounds after the removal of stitches as it can decrease the scar formation and even can boost up healing process but always ask your doctor before using Vitamin E as in some cases it may worsen the appearance of scars.


To replenish the iron loss during surgery patient is asked to take iron enriched food or supplements and even it helps the patient to prevent anemia.

Intake of supplements

After surgery patient can take herbal or non herbal two types of supplements to boost up healing process of body and for best joint health. Herbal supplements like green tea, rosehip tea has antioxidant properties so can boost up healing process. Some other herbal supplements help in reducing inflammation and bruising.

In market several type of non herbal supplements are available that helps in healing and prevent infection after surgery and even rebuild tissues. But the efficiency of non herbal supplements can vary according to company or brand so always discuss in detail with your doctor before taking any supplements so that you can avoid potential side effects of it.

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