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Complications And Reasons For Considering Knee Replacement Revision Surgery


    Complications And Reasons For Considering Knee Replacement Revision Surgery

    Knee replacement surgery can help you to get rid of your various knee issues as in this surgery your problematic knee joint has been replaced with artificial implants that mimic the natural bone. These artificial implants are designed to last for 15-20 years or even some time for more years, however the durability of these implants can vary according to age of the patient and activities are done by the patent on a daily basis like the high impact activities such as jogging or running can lead to early failure of the implants.

    When the knee implants stop functioning, then one may require Revision Knee Replacement. Revision surgery is the replacement of old implants with new implants.  Let us understand more about this revision surgery with the following pointers.

    Complications Related To Revision Surgery

    Revision knee replacement surgery seems to be the same as the initial knee replacement surgery but it is more complicated.

    During The Surgery, There Can Be Following Complications Like:

    • Revision surgery lacks in the terms of durability as it cannot provide the longer lifespan as the initial surgery. Implants of the revision surgery do their functioning for 10 years but during the initial surgery these implants can even work up to 20 years. Accumulated trauma, scar tissue and mechanical breakdown of the initial components cause diminished performance during the revision surgery.
    • During the second surgery, the surgeon has to act more carefully as while the removal of initial implant there can be some complications as it has grown into the existing bone so it can make the surgery more complicated.
    • After removing the prosthesis, less bone remains behind, making the surgery more complicated. In the revision, surgery surgeons have to transplant an additional piece of bone by taking it from another part of the body, or it can even be taken from the donor to support the remaining bone and a new prosthesis. This added bone graft supports and encourages new bone growth.
    • The doctor needs more excellent surgical skills for revision surgery as it requires additional preoperative planning and specialized tools and skills. Even this surgery takes longer, so only an efficient and experienced surgeon can perform this revision surgery.

    Reasons For A Revision Surgery

    There can be various signs that can indicate the expiry of primary knee replacement surgery and can tell you that it is the time to bear the Revision Knee Replacement cost.

    Following Are Some Most Occurring Signs That Become A Reason For Revision Surgery

    • Infection in the bone or joint
    • Loosening of the transplanted implant due to some injury or due to the initially failed procedure. Ever there can be mechanical failure responsible for the revision surgery.
    • Consistent pain and stiffness in the knee joint
    • Wear and tear of mechanical components of the implants
    • Dislocation of the implants

    If you are also experiencing any of the above symptoms, then you must speak to your doctor for the revision knee replacement surgery and should ask him about your ideal candidacy for the revision surgery.

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