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Everything you need to know about Affordable Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Affordable Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery India Overview The best orthopedic surgeon always suggests his or her patients should get the minimally invasive technique that is developed by the world-class hospitals. Most advanced technologies like brain suite, operative MRI, and computer-assisted navigation system are deployed by highly trained surgeons for safe and accurate spine surgeries with [...]


Cervical Disc Replacement Procedure Benefits By Reducing Pain, Weakness, And Numbness

Overview Consulting the orthopedic surgeon is the right choice to undergo the effective treatment plan from the right spine hospital in Ludhiana. The disc replacement should be considered only 4 to 6 of non-surgical treatment has failed.   What are the goals of cervical disc replacement surgery? Maintain motion at the repaired spinal level In comparison [...]


Certain things that your Spine Surgeon should know prior to surgery

A herniated disk may be really uncomfortable in the lower back. The positive thing is that it also improves with preservative medication, typically physical rehabilitation in conjunction with pain management and/or muscle relaxers. If you do not totally pursue noninvasive therapies like these, operations with a steroid injection can also be prevented. You must visit [...]


What are the reasons an individual needs to undergo Revision Spine Surgery?

Revision Spine Surgery Surgery, by definition, often entails certain dangers or risks. In fact, the difficulty of spinal surgery contributes to the danger involved. Everything is as efficient as 95 percent even for the best surgeon, procedures, and results. A back operation can not deliver the desired gain in certain situations, but it is rare.  [...]