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Torn Meniscus – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

What Is Torn Meniscus? A Torn meniscus is the common injury of the knee. Sometimes you are doing ant type of activity which forcefully rotate or twist your knee and especially when you are putting your full weight on the knees. This can lead to the problem of a torn meniscus. You will feel severe [...]


Steps to Cope Up With Chronic Knee pain

Anyone who has suffered from severe pain in the knee will surely know how unbearable the pain becomes, sometimes. They will also tell you that they will do anything to cure the pain. The severe pain commonly known as chronic pain is caused by the damage, caused to the tissues which are below the knee [...]


Tips For Young Athletes To Stay Safe During Sports

Security and safety have been an interesting issue in youth sports for a long time.  Safety is necessary for every sports person. One cannot deny the truth of injuries during sports competition. Some type of games and sports can lead to injury, for example, football, cricket, hockey, and many more. No parents need to keep [...]


Broken Bones – Signs, Types, How To Recover Fast

The bones get broken or fractured when a force is applied which is stronger then the bone can bear. This harms and breaks the bone structure and it loses its strength. This lead to pain and the bone cannot function properly. In some cases, the patient might have bleeding or injury on the affected area. [...]