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Torn Meniscus – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

What Is Torn Meniscus? A Torn meniscus is the common injury of the knee. Sometimes you are doing ant type of activity which forcefully rotate or twist your knee and especially when you are putting your full weight on the knees. This can lead to the problem of a torn meniscus. You will feel severe [...]


Broken Bones – Signs, Types, How To Recover Fast

The bones get broken or fractured when a force is applied which is stronger then the bone can bear. This harms and breaks the bone structure and it loses its strength. This lead to pain and the bone cannot function properly. In some cases, the patient might have bleeding or injury on the affected area. [...]


Leg Crams – Facts, Causes and How to prevent

A muscle cramp is a sudden and automatic contraction of at least one of your muscles. On the off chance that you have at any point been awakened in the night, you realize that muscle issues can cause extreme pain. Additionally, the muscle cramps can make it incidentally difficult to utilize the influenced muscle. Significant [...]


Soy Based Diet for Better Bone Health

As indicated by a study published in the journal Bone Reports, ladies experiencing menopause face genuine wellbeing concerns including osteoporosis, diminished physical activity, and weight gain. The specialists have found that soy protein found in food may counter the negative impacts of metabolic health and menopause on bone. Additionally, the specialists demonstrate that the soy [...]


Tips To Maintain Your Health of Bones As You Age

Bones are an essential part of the body, giving structure, securing organs, anchoring muscles and storing calcium. It is vital to build solid and healthy bones amid childhood. In addition, our bones enable us to move. They ensure our mind, heart, and different organs from damage. Our bones additionally store minerals, for example, calcium and [...]