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    What is Endoscopic Spine Surgery?

    In spine surgery in ESS (endoscopic spine surgery), there is a careful methodology where small-scale estimated places to come and go through points are made and the rounded framework is joined with the endoscope, which gives help with going over again the field and range that should be dealt with. We have a group of [...]


      Management and treatment for Meniscus Injury.

      Meniscus is a very common injury that often affects the athletes while they are indulging in a sport. The injury is caused by sudden movements like turning to catch a ball which can damage the cartilage. People who have arthritis are more likely to have Meniscus injury.  What is Meniscus? Meniscus is two pieces of [...]


        Bone fractures and their types

        The term bone fracture refers to a broken bone, which is a very common injury and can affect people of all ages. If you or someone in your family is older than 50, then it is a good idea to consult the best Ortho doctor in ludhiana to determine bone density.  Bone fractures are caused [...]

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          Precision, Progress and Possibilities for Robotic Surgery 2023

          Orthopedic surgery has undergone a significant transformation in recent times due to robotics. This kind of surgery supports patients with any type of injury in bone and muscles. With improved accuracy, shorter recovery times and better patient outcomes. This advanced surgical method has fundamentally changed the way therapies are given out.  Precision and accuracy  In [...]

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