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Complications And Reasons For Considering Knee Replacement Revision Surgery

Knee replacement surgery can help you to get rid of your various knee issues as in this surgery your problematic knee joint has been replaced with artificial implants that mimic the natural bone. These artificial implants are designed to last for 15-20 years or even some time for more years, however the durability of these [...]


Complete Instructions For Eating After Arthroscopy Surgery

If you had arthroscopy surgery , it is important to give extra attention to your meals as your diet can improve your recovery and help you get better results. Here are some tips for choosing your diet after surgery for better healing and recovery. Pay your focus on whole foods and on food items that are [...]


Foods To Avoid If You Are Having Arthritis

It is obvious that after knowing about arthritis especially when the problem is in our hips we generally think of any treatment option like Hip replacement surgery so that we could enjoy our normal life without any discomfort, but we never ponder upon the diet chart or on the menu of the restaurants. It is [...]


6 Signs That It Is Time To Consider Knee Replacement Surgery

We seldom realize the significance of our joints till one of them starts paining. We don't even realize their importance for our movement and efficiency. While a hurting knee may be due to some past injury,  if it remains persistent,  then it is time to see a medical professional for the problem. There is some [...]


Having Miserable Pain Of Arthritis? Try Switching Your Diet

You have been suffering from Arthritis and no arthritis treatment is working in improving the miserable condition of yours. Don’t worry just a change in your lifestyle may help you with the same. A little bit of yoga, walking, along with a change in your diet. Yes, that’s right. See what you have in your [...]


Arthroscopy- An Innovative Way To Treat Your Injured Joints

If one gets injured at the joints, the treatment may call for surgery of the affected area. Open joint replacement surgery is an option, but the latest technique of Arthroscopy is also a favorite among surgeons and patients. It is also referred to as arthroscopic or keyhole surgery. Etymologically speaking, Arthroscopy comprises two words, Arthos [...]


Which Foods Should An Arthritis Patient Avoid?

As age increases, there are higher chances of seeing your body afflicted with certain diseases. Many younger people may find themselves in the clutches of arthritis due to obesity and unhealthy habits. Arthritis causes severe pain in the knee area, causing problems in the motion and flexibility of the joint. People with arthritis find it [...]

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