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What are different types of spine surgery? How will you come to know that you need surgery?

Why do you require spine surgery? If a patient is experiencing back or neck pain, then at first, the doctor recommends the things that are mentioned below: Eat healthy food Exercises Prescribes medicines Physical therapies Spinal injections After all these things if the patient’s condition is not getting stable and suffering from problems related to [...]


What Are The Important Tips To Recover From Back Surgery On Time?

This guide is going to help you learn the foremost tips to recover after undergoing spine surgery in Ludhiana. Our orthopaedic surgeon has shared some of the recovery tips for your comfort level.  Important tips for recovery Follow the surgeon’s guideline First of all, you need to follow the surgeon guidelines to recover on time. [...]


Is it true that Artificial Disc Replacement is better than Spinal Fusion for back pain?

Back surgery makes you unable to perform day-to-day activities or household chores easily. When you start performing any type of work, you may experience severe back pain or discomfort. These are the conditions under which you need to visit the orthopedic surgeon to get the right treatment. You may need to visit spine surgery hospital in [...]