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Is arthroscopic surgery less invasive? What are the benefits of choosing this approach?

According to the doctors practicing in the orthopedic hospital in Punjab, “Whenever we tell patients that they need to undergo the surgical procedures for the betterment of the knee, hip and the shoulder health, then it is quite obvious that you may be feeling extremely nervous. It may be because the patients might be imagining [...]


आर्थ्रोस्कोपी सर्जरी क्या है और इसकी जरूरत किन्हे होती है ?

अक्सर हमारे द्वारा अपने रोजाना की दिनचर्या में दौड़ना, कूदना, उछलना तथा कई अन्य कार्य भी किए जाते है, जिसके चलते कई दफा हमारे कंधे, कूल्हे, घुटने, कलाई, कोहनी में चोट लग जाती है, वहीं चोट सामान्य होने पर डॉक्टर के द्वारा कुछ दवाइयां और गर्म पट्टी का सहारा लेकर ठीक कर दिया जाता है, [...]


Exploring the Benefits and Procedure of Knee Arthroscopy

Exploring the Benefits and Procedure of Knee Arthroscopy Knee arthroscopy has created a valuable indicative and helpful choice for knee wounds or issues that cause tenacious knee inconvenience. Patients benefit greatly from this minimally invasive procedure, including the ability to regain movement and lessen pain. Here, we'll discuss knee arthroscopy, its benefits, the technique, and [...]


Management and treatment for Meniscus Injury.

Meniscus is a very common injury that often affects the athletes while they are indulging in a sport. The injury is caused by sudden movements like turning to catch a ball which can damage the cartilage. People who have arthritis are more likely to have Meniscus injury.  What is Meniscus? Meniscus is two pieces of [...]


Everything about Arthroscopy Surgery

In the Given article you will get to know about the entire procedure of arthroscopy. The necessity of this surgery and the recovery process. Explain Arthroscopy? Arthroscopy is a surgical method which is used to diagnose and treat the issue related to joints. The benefit of this method is that it uses tiny incisions instead [...]


Complete Instructions For Eating After Arthroscopy Surgery

If you had arthroscopy surgery , it is important to give extra attention to your meals as your diet can improve your recovery and help you get better results. Here are some tips for choosing your diet after surgery for better healing and recovery. Pay your focus on whole foods and on food items that are [...]


Arthroscopy- An Innovative Way To Treat Your Injured Joints

If one gets injured at the joints, the treatment may call for surgery of the affected area. Open joint replacement surgery is an option, but the latest technique of Arthroscopy is also a favorite among surgeons and patients. It is also referred to as arthroscopic or keyhole surgery. Etymologically speaking, Arthroscopy comprises two words, Arthos [...]

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