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Suffering from Lower Back Pain While Sitting? treatments available


    Suffering from Lower Back Pain While Sitting? treatments available

    Many of us have sitting jobs which require us to be glued to our seats throughout the day. It can lead to back pain and other spine problems. Those of us who sit in a hunched position all day long are more likely to develop back pain over the years. This is due to the fact that sitting in a hunched position puts undue pressure on our spine. If the problem goes untreated, you may well land in the spine surgery room. According to a well-known spine surgeon, we must change our lifestyle to avoid this condition. Back pain treatment should be taken seriously.

    Reasons for back pain-

    1. Sitting for long hours

    Research has shown that people who sit continuously without breaks are likely to suffer from Degenerative disc disease, sciatica, and herniation of the disc.

    1. Sitting in a hunched position

    Sitting with your shoulders forward and head sticking out might be suitable for viewing the computer, but it will likely influence your spine adversely. It leads to sciatica and herniation of the disc, headache, and neck and shoulder pain.

    1. Sitting in one position

    While sitting for long hours is a big blunder, sitting in a static position is also detrimental to your spine health. We need to move around; our bodies are designed so. Avoid sitting in one position and you will prevent yourself from back stiffness , muscle tightness and soreness.

    How to prevent your back from suffering?

    1. Stand up every 30 minutes

    Stretch and move your body after every 30-minute gap. Do some stretching exercises or jumping up and down.

    1. Change your position often

    While you are sitting, it is beneficial to change your position every now and then. Changing positions reduces pain due to poor posture.

    1. Opt for a sit-stand desk

    People are opting for sit-stand desks; they can sit or stand to work on such desks. So you can switch between sitting and standing positions while working.

    1. Use a lumbar cushion

    Use a lumbar cushion to support the natural curves of your spine. You will notice how well it supports your back.

    1. Put the laptop at a suitable eye level.

    A laptop placed below eye level is likely to make you hunch forward. Put the laptop at a suitable level to avoid this problem; otherwise, you will be Kyphotic or Hunched.

    1. Keep your elbows in the proper position.

    Avoid forward flexing, as this can spell trouble for your Upper Trapezius muscle. It can also lead to tightness and pain in the lower back.

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