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What are some Good Alternatives to Knee Replacement?


    What are some Good Alternatives to Knee Replacement?

    Knee replacement surgery is taken by people who are suffering from chronic knee pain, damage of cartilage, and some other problems related to your joints. But, there are also some alternatives to knee replacement surgery if you are scarring to get this one.

    Knee replacement is basically designed for those who are suffering from knee pain or joint pain problems. In addition to this, this is the best treatment option in order to get rid of inflamed joints in your knee. But if you want to get rid of severe pain then you have to go through some other alternatives. This include-:


    It is a good idea to get rid of severe pain and joint inflammation. You must visit ortho doctor first and then only take those medications which are prescribed by your doctor. Moreover, your doctor may prescribe you some type of injections so that you can get relief from pain. But, a recent study reveals that these over the counter medicines only give you some time relief.

    Weight loss

    The main reason behind knee pain is overweight or obesity. In order to treat your health condition, you have to lose your excessive weight. In this situation, you need to practice some physical activities such as walking, and some other type of activities. You can also get help from personal trainers because they know very well how to treat their patient.


    Acupuncture is the best Ayurvedic and traditional treatment, which gives you real relief from pain, stiffness, and inflammation. In addition to this, oil massage along with acupuncture gives you mind-blowing outcomes. Moreover, a recent study shows that acupuncture is the most effective alternative for knee pain.

    Knee arthroscopic surgery

    Knee arthroscopy is the way to remove your fractured or damaged bone fragments which can cause pain and stiffness in your joints. In addition, an arthroscope is the sort of camera which is useful to examine the internal part of your joint via a small incision. Moreover, this is the type of surgery which gives you better results with less recovery time. And you do not need to stay in hospital after the treatment.

    PRP injections

    PRP is explained as Plasma-rich protein injections, which is performed with the help of your own blood cells. This is done in order to give you relief from knee pain, and you do not get rid of damaged cartilage. Since this is only knee pain treatment, that’s why people follow knee replacement surgery if they experience any type of damage.

    Knee osteotomy

    Knee osteotomy is the best way to treat your damaged knee or if you are suffering from knee deformity. Majority of people take this treatment in order to treat their discomfort due to damage and injury.

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