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What are the major causes of back pain in kids and when you need to consult the doctor?


    What are the major causes of back pain in kids and when you need to consult the doctor?

    Warning signs to Know

    Your child must be complaining of a back pain problem which is a major issue. Back pain can be caused by different serious issues like muscle or ligament injury. Some of the warning signs of back pain which means serious problem includes:

    • Night pain (especially pain that awakens your child from sleep)
    • Symptoms in very young children
    • Symptoms of generalized illness (fever, malaise, chills, and weight loss)
    • Leg pain, numbness, or weakness
    • Constant symptoms of pain
    • Symptoms persisting beyond several weeks

    It is important to consult the best orthopedic surgeon to get a better understanding of what treatment you need to get. If the problem is in excess, then the doctor can suggest the best treatment plan for spine surgery in Ludhiana.


    Muscular back pain

    Muscular back pain is a common issue of back pain in children and adolescents. Injuries include ligament strains, overuse injuries, muscle strains, problems with poor posture, and poor conditioning of back & muscles.

    Imaging is done through MRIs and X-rays and these tests are generally needed when you notice the warning signs. It is important to talk to the doctor about your situation.

    Muscular back pain can be resolved with rest and changing the daily routine. In many cases, the treatments provide transient relief and they give long-term effects that are generally safe. These treatments include chiropractic treatment, stretching programs, physical therapy, yoga, or massage treatment.


    Stress Fractures

    Stress fractures can occur in the spine. Mostly, they occur in adolescents and they might not even know they are facing the issues. With time, the stress fracture signs can show up.

    Its most common type is spondylolysis which means the spinal column backbone has an injury. These injuries mostly occur and it makes the parents nervous because they do not heal on their own. Children and adolescents with spondylolysis can be treated non-surgically and they can have better results with less-invasive treatments.


    Disc Problems

    Disc problems are less common in children as compared to adults and they can result in serious symptoms. The symptoms of disc herniation include numbness, leg pain, tingling in the legs, difficulty bending, lower extremities get weak, or spine straightening. MRI tests can be helpful to diagnose the issue and an X-ray is considered as the main thing.

    With age, the disc loses its elasticity and it can make it possible to get ruptured. In most cases, there is no need for surgery.



    Spinal bone or disc infection is difficult to diagnose. It can result in vague symptoms like a low-grade fever, malaise, and generalized back pain. There is a need to perform imaging tests to know the exact location of the infection. Infection can be treated with antibiotics and in some cases, surgery can be considered.

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