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What are the tips that will help you in minimizing the postoperative back pain?


    What are the tips that will help you in minimizing the postoperative back pain?

    After undergoing the spine surgery in Ludhiana, it leads to mild to major back pain after the surgery and it is a matter of concern for the patient. The patient should be well prepared for the postoperative back pain. But it’s ok if there are techniques that will help you in controlling your back pain.

    Talk with your doctor

    You should have a conversation with your orthopedic surgeon and help you. He will make a plan on how you can minimize the pain. He will give you proper instructions on how to respond when back pain takes place.


    Follow some guidelines

    You should follow some guidelines that will help you in minimizing the back pain that are mentioned below:

    • The patient should figure out who will be responsible for managing the back pain.
    • You should ask your doctor to tell you about what type of pain the patient is going to experience. This will help you in preparing mentally as well as help you in controlling the anxiety level also.
    • You should ask your surgeon about the medicines you can take while suffering from back pain.
    • The surgeon will give you the option of analgesic medications that will help you in controlling the pain.
    • You should also ask your surgeon about non- medications will help you in giving relief from back pain.
    • Gain knowledge about the cognitive- behavioural procedure, relation methods, modalities and TNS i.e transcutaneous nerve stimulation and so on.
    • You should also save the doctor’s number on your phone which will help you in contacting the doctor while you are experiencing severe back pain.
    • The patient should also learn how to contact the staff members when you are in pain especially in the starting of a flare-up cycle.


    Tell your loved ones to help you

    You can also say your loved ones be it wife, husband, aunt, friends and so on to stay with you for some time. It will help you in controlling the back pain.


    Sleep properly

    Make sure you are getting adequate sleep will help you in relaxing your back as well as your mind. It will help you in healing as well as recovering faster.


    Physical Activity

    You should make sure you are increasing your physical activity day by day. Initially, you will find difficulty but do not give up at all. But do you know it will help you in building the strength in your muscles?


    Avoid sitting for a longer period

    You should avoid sitting for a longer period. You should take rest as much as you can will help you healing process. You should also get up after every two hours to decrease the risk of development of blood clots.


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