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What Are Vitamins Essential For Bone Health? How To Get Them Through Supplements?


    What Are Vitamins Essential For Bone Health? How To Get Them Through Supplements?

    The spine or backbone is one of the significant parts of the body. Many people got injuries to their backbone. Spine surgeons perform such types of surgeries. Best Spine Surgeon in Ludhiana can assist you with spine issues. 


    Some spine issues need surgeries, but most of them are cured through medication prescribed by an ortho doctor. Many Best Ortho Doctor in Ludhiana are well-known for their consultation services as they have excellent communication skills, which helps in understanding a patient’s condition better and more effectively. 


    Some significant issues in the spine are caused due to the deficiency of vitamins like vitamin D and calcium.

    Why are they so important for bone health? 


    Vitamin D: the primary source of vitamin D is sunshine, which is why it is also called sunshine vitamin. More sun exposure increases your capacity to absorb calcium in your body. Vitamin D promotes greater bone strength. People who consume less or no amount of Vitamin D are more prone to gain muscle and bone pain. it is present in red meat, oily fish, cereals, dairy products, and egg yolks. People who get less exposure to the sun 


    Calcium: To have strong bones, calcium is a vital component. A deficiency of calcium can cause weaker bones, and it also helps in the proper working of nerves and the heart. People having irregular diets are more prone to have a calcium deficiency. 

    These food items can provide adequate calcium to your body. Sesame seeds, chia seeds, almonds, different types of cheese, and leafy vegetables like spinach and salmon are also rich in calcium. Yoghurt because it is rich in probiotic bacteria, and other dairy products are also rich in calcium. 


    How to regain sufficient vitamin D and calcium?  


    You can have enough Vitamin D by consuming food items like salmon, oily fish, and dairy products. 300mg is enough for adults and 1000mg for children for the constant development of bones in the body. 


    Calcium can be taken by adding almonds, and dairy products, especially yoghurt, to the diet can help you get enough calcium daily. You can have more leafy vegetables or fish like spinach and salmon to get enough calcium in your food intake. 

    Is taking supplements an excellent choice to bring vitamin D and calcium adequacy?  

    Many people don’t manage their diet, so they take supplements that are prescribed by an orthopaedic, like calcium citrate is most commonly known to treat calcium deficiency. Calcium carbonate is another medication available in the market quickly, and a mass number of people are consuming it. 

    Vitamin D3 supplements are easily accessible and affordable and a gift for people who do not consume animal-based products. 


    Consultation of orthopaedics plays a vital role. 

    Before taking any of the supplements, consultation with a qualified orthopaedic doctor is critical, as overdosing on these medications can cause dangerous diseases like blockage of blood in arteries, abdominal pain, and mood disorders. If you take any supplement after consulting, the outcomes will be positive and significant for your health.



    To get an expert consultation, visit Kalyan Hospital to get your bone health examined by the best orthopaedic doctor in your city, Ludhiana. 

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