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What do I need to do if I have osteoporosis and I need to get spine surgery?


    What do I need to do if I have osteoporosis and I need to get spine surgery?

    Patients with osteoporosis and are suitable candidates for spine surgery, will have different questions in their mind. How will my weak bones impact recovery? Will osteoporosis affect my procedure? What should be done to get the best results?

    How common is low bone density and osteoporosis in people with back & neck pain?

    Both of these conditions are common in people. In many cases, both of them are present but they are not linked to each other. Due to low bone density, the person can have a compression fracture and significant pain.


    Osteoporosis affects men and women after the age of 50, so is it needed to get done mineral density before deciding on surgery?

    Patients with osteoporosis are at increased risk of having complications after undergoing the spinal fusion procedure. It is the reason the surgeon will do a test for osteoporosis before telling you the need to get spine surgery.

    The risks can be understood by getting the bone mineral density and the type of surgery the patient gets will depend on the test results. In some cases, the bone density needs to be increased before you get the surgery.


    How is the osteopenia or osteoporosis patient treated?

    Our spine surgeon will suspect the low bone density by understanding the detailed history of the patient. He will ask for a bone DEXA scan to look at the multiple areas of the body. The doctor will treat the area once he gets enough information to give you a customized treatment plan which works the best for your condition. If the case is complex then the surgeon might work with another doctor to get a better approach to what is best for you.


    What does the primary care physician do?

    The patient medical doctor and endocrinologist need to know about the upcoming surgery. Certain medications can impact the results from the surgery for infection or bone healing.


    What are the risk factors of spine surgery in people diagnosed with osteoporosis?

    Many of the spinal implants need bone to stay in place which is strong and spine stability is a must. Time is required to get the best results with osteoporosis patients. Also, the patients have lower rates of bone healing and they face issues at a spinal level which is next to the surgery level.


    What patient should be aware of if they have an osteoporosis situation?

    The patient needs to ask about medical history before they choose to get the surgery. Patients should tell the doctor about osteoporosis or what they need to do before undergoing surgery.


    Will the treatment affect the type of osteoporosis I have?

    Spinal fixation is difficult because of weak bones. Mostly the large and strong screws are used so that they are in the right place. If you have any doubt, then book your initial consultation with our surgeon today only.

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