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10 most commonly Asked Questions about Shoulder Replacement Surgery


10 most commonly Asked Questions about Shoulder Replacement Surgery

How does one come to know of shoulder replacement?

Just like anything else, even in the case of shoulder replaced, it is mostly pain, reduced movement of arms and reduction in strength. Degenerative arthritis which supplies the shoulder weak and painful happens over some time and may not begin with reducing cartilage which wraps bone surfaces, a sprint in the shoulder joint, or dead tissue in boney part from a loss of blood supply to the bones. These conditions may result from work-related issues, an accident from a car or automobile.

What does a shoulder replacement implant have?

A shoulder replacement implant has the following:

  • A stem which aids in safeguarding the ball, inside the arm bone
  • A new “ball’ for replacing the head of top of the arm bone
  • A new glenoid or socket which is inserted inside the blades of shoulder
  • All of these are made up of titanium or chrome – cobalt stainless steel and polyethylene plastic.

What does the shoulder replacement surgery demand?

Having something like shoulder replacement surgery is a major decision to be taken, Before going ahead for doing it, you should first see you the best person is in performing the surgery, how will he do it, if possible try to see his earlier surgeries performed. If you are satisfied only then say yes to your surgeon.

The surgery is done in the operating room. During the process, the surgeon takes out the damaged bone along with the cartilage, covers the socket with the shoulder blade and then replaces the ball or the head of the humerus at the top of the arm bone.

For how long does the rejuvenation period of shoulder replacement surgery last?

The rejuvenation and rehabilitation start soon after the surgery, while you are in the hospital, the same day of the surgery.

Will I have replaced my extent of movement post-surgery?

Post surgery and rehabilitation, you will have some range of motion than what you had before getting the surgery done. How much range of motion is difficult to say because that will depend on your unique situations and body structure? Many patients are satisfied with having painless restored motion, post-surgery, and rehabilitation

Why is a dental clearance required before surgery?

All the patients having joint replacement surgery, and patients having heart valve replacement surgery, must have clearance from their dentists to be sure that there is no infection in their mouth. The reason for this is that infection in one part of the body can quickly happen to the other parts as well, especially to the joints or valves, and create an infection in these newly replaced parts.

Why does the shoulder become arthritic as well as painful?

The shoulder joint permits more extent of motion than any other joint in the body. The cartilage which covers bone fixed in the intersection can begin to decrease, which causes rigidity and lots of pain. Medical conditions like swelling or RA, or rheumatoid arthritis also cause this type of damage. Trauma to shoulder intersection from sports or accidents can undermine the joints and even cause more damage, which can lead to arthritis.

If my one shoulder has arthritis, will it also happen in the other one?

This mostly does not happen but can happen.

Can I drive after surgery?

You can drive after about 42 days post-surgery.

Can I play sports, and how soon can I start playing basketball or other sports post-surgery?

Yes, you can play sports when your rehabilitation period comes to an end. But, even if you do, do it at a slow pace.

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