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4 Steps to Improving Posture to Relieve Back Pain


4 Steps to Improving Posture to Relieve Back Pain

Posture is the way you hold the body while you sit, stand, or do something like pulling, bending, reaching, or lifting. Having good posture is very essential. Otherwise, it can lead to back pain. In this guide, we will let you know some steps to improve posture and get relief from back pain.

One problem which is becoming very common is back pain. It is true that at some point in our lives we all will face this issue. It can be due to previous injury, accident, or some congenital condition. But, because of the way we live can develop the problem of lower and upper back pain. The problem is common when you sit for a long time like in front of the computer or you lift something heavy. This can result in tension and muscle tightness. The best solution is to prevent the issue of back pain as it helps in improving the posture.

Keeping in mind a few steps at it will help you improve the posture.

  • Shoulder blade Squeeze

You need to sit straight in the chair and rest your hand on the thighs. The shoulders should be down and the chin should be straight. Move the shoulder back very slowly and then squeeze the shoulder blades. Hold it for five seconds and then relax. Repeat this at least 4 times.

Keep in mind if the problem is not solving then seeking the help of the doctor for back pain treatment at the right time is very essential. In case, if the problem is in excess then the doctor will recommend your spine surgery.

  • Upper-body stretch

Raise your arms and keep the hands flat against the wall. The elbow should be at shoulder height. You one foot should be placed in front of others. As you lean the body towards the corner exhale and bend the knee forward. The chest & head should be up and keep the back straight. This will give you a nice stretch across the feet. For 30 seconds hold the position and then relax.

  • Arm-across-chest stretch

At your shoulder level raise the right arm and bend it at the elbow. Place the forearm parallel to the floor. Take the right elbow with the left hand and pull it towards your chest as it will give you a stretch in the upper arm and shoulder should be on the right side. Do this for 20 seconds and then relax the arms. Do this 3 times and repeat the same process to another arm.

  • Imagery

You should stand straight and do not allow the lower back to sway. Stand on tiptoe and increase the space between the pelvis and rib cage. Just think of yourself as a ballerina.

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