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6 Signs That It Is Time To Consider Knee Replacement Surgery


6 Signs That It Is Time To Consider Knee Replacement Surgery

We seldom realize the significance of our joints till one of them starts paining. We don’t even realize how crucial they are for our movement and efficiency. While a hurting knee may be due to some past injury,  if it remains persistent,  then it is time to see a medical professional for the problem. There is some stage at which it becomes compulsory to opt for a surgical treatment. There are various clinics in our country which cater to such kind of problems. Today, we can see a lot of joint Replacement centers across India . These clinics specialize in Joint Replacement Surgery.

As our knee pain progresses,  it becomes all the more significant to know whether we can wait or the time is right for getting it operated. But the patient needs to be mentally and financially prepared for the same. It also requires a lot of planning as the patient will need some time to resume his daily activities. It will be beneficial if he could ask someone to help him tide through the tough time by coming over and helping the patient with his daily chores.

A person with an ailing knee can face a lot of problems in even small movements. Given below are points which one can take into account to determine whether it is the right time to opt for surgery or not –

  1. Doing all the normal activity tasks seem to be a herculean duty and you can’t do them without somebody’s assistance.
  2. You have excruciating and consistent pain, which doesn’t go away with medications or rest. It is the kind of pain which makes it very difficult to walk or bend. Even other non-surgical procedures don’t seem to help.
  3. You are an osteoarthritis patient and the condition is causing you trouble on the physical, emotional and mental level.
  4. You are experiencing severe side effects due to medication for knee pain.
  5. Your test reports show severe joint damage or advanced arthritis.
  6. Your doctor suggests surgery as the only hope as surgical methods seem to be useless in your condition.

Before you opt for the surgery, it is imperative that you do considerable research and find out the best doctor within your affordability. You should consider using the services of an experienced surgeon instead of a novice. As it’s your body which is going under the knife, make sure it is done by the best in the industry. A certified professional who has quite e few surgeries to his credit should be selected. A detailed discussion about your condition and expectations and the realistic results should be held between you and the doctor. Having an idea about the probable complications will also help. You should also talk to his ex-patients and do financial planning before taking the final step

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