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7 Quick Facts about Hip Replacement


    7 Quick Facts about Hip Replacement

    According to estimates 2.5 million people have undergone the procedure of hip replacement. This is considered as the last treatment option when others have failed to bring relief. The damaged joint is replaced with an artificial one. Read the given guide, as we have mentioned some quick facts related to hip replacement procedure.

    Here are some interesting facts which every person should know while undergoing the procedure of hip replacement.

    Fact 1

    Hip replacement is not given as the first-line treatment for dealing with chronic pain. Patients get the surgery when the other medical options have failed like:

    • Physiotherapy
    • Use of Joint lubricants
    • Medications like anti-inflammatory
    • Joint injections which have the cortisone

    Fact 2

    It is not only hip osteoarthritis which leads to wear and tear, disease conditions like osteonecrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and developmental dysplasia can also affect the joints. Knee joints wear and tear can happen because of the fracture or trauma from the broken hip.

    Fact 3

    The hip procedure is not only for the seniors. This surgical procedure is also performed on young individuals. Many young patients visit the ortho doctor for rheumatoid arthritis when they are in the ’20s and ’30s. This surgical procedure is also needed for patients who are facing the issue of Osteonecrosis.

    Fact 4

    To get the surgery, the right orthopedic surgeon must be chosen. In fact, this consideration is more important that another aspect of the procedure.

    Fact 5

    There are different options available for treating the patients. It is not necessary that the new procedures will give the best result. Studies have shown that metal implants on metal do not help give long term results. It was found that this type of implant leads to a lot of debris.

    Fact 6

    The incision type matters. One of the newest procedures is the use of the anterior frontal approach for the surgery is gaining attention. This results in less muscle damage as well as fascia injury. The best part is that overall scarring is very less.

    Fact 7

    In some places, the bilateral hip replacements are done. But, this might not be the best option as there is a risk of joint injury and infection. The best way to deal with the problem is by getting one hip replaced and then the other one.

    Fact 8

    In almost procedure anesthesia is used. Following the surgery, the patient will have pain and discomfort. Sitting in the car is not allowed and you need to use the walker.

    Fact 9

    People might think that the procedure will be very painful to deal with. But, the healing time is around 6 to 8 weeks. The pain can be dealt with easily by undergoing the physical therapy session.

    For a better understanding of the procedure, you should book your appointment with our surgeon for consultation.

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