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Precaution Tips For Cervical Pain


    Precaution Tips For Cervical Pain

    Countless people in the world are struggling with cervical pain, not only older people but even children. It can happen for various reasons, which include poor posture when you’re sitting or standing, problems in the spinal cord, muscle pain, injuries, wrong sleeping position, and prolonged use of laptops and computers. It has symptoms like experiencing pain during the neck movement. If untreated, pain shifts from the neck to other parts, including shoulders, back and arms. 

    Neck pain also contributes to headaches and muscle strains. Improper posture can contribute to neck pain and disturb sleep, but the following precautions will help reduce cervical pain and improve sleep. 

    In this video, Dr. Japinderjit Kaur talks about cervical pain precautions. She is a physiotherapist at Kalyan Hospital. This video explained precautions, including the correct position for using the phone,  the distance and position of the computer or laptop while using, and precaution tips while travelling. She also discussed the correct position for sleeping. An awkward sleeping position can contribute to neck pain. 

    These precautions help to reduce your cervical pain and improve your overall health. If you want reliable treatment for your neck pain, visit Kalyan Hospital and get relief from pain.

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