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Causes And Treatments Of Back Pain In Pregnant Women


    Causes And Treatments Of Back Pain In Pregnant Women

    Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases in any woman’s life, the joy of holding a newborn is unexplainable. But, the tough part of pregnancy is back pain. The back strain begins after the third-month pregnancy. In this guide, we are going to talk about the causes and treatment of back pain in pregnancy.

    Causes of back pain during pregnancy

    In the second trimester, the back pain starts when the pelvis area meets the spine. Well, there are different back pain causes which include:

    • Weight gain

    During a healthy pregnancy, women gain around 11 to 15 Kg. Your spine needs to support all the weight gain which causes lower back pain. The growing fetus and the uterus puts pressure on the pelvis area, blood vessels, and the back.

    • Posture changes

    During pregnancy, the center of gravity shifts. Due to this, you might not even notice your body posture starts changing and the way you move. This is the reason strain will be put on the back.

    • Muscle Separation

    When the uterus expands, the parallel muscles from the rib cage to the pubic bone will get separated along the centre. When the strain is put on the back, this separation can get severe.

    • Stress

    During pregnancy, you can feel stressed which can make the muscle tension in the back. You might notice that during the stressful period of pregnancy, the back strain will increase.

    • Hormonal changes

    In the pregnancy, the body releases hormones called relaxin which helps the pelvic area ligaments and joints to relax properly. This also helps the area to get loose during the birth process.

    Additionally, these hormones can make the ligaments get loose which leads to increased pain along with instability.

    Treatment of back pain for pregnant women

    Do not worry! If you are facing the same condition or trying to conceive then you can follow some steps to ease out the pain.

    • Exercise

    You must exercise regularly to increase flexibility. This way it helps to ease out the stress on the spine. Pregnant women can do exercises like swimming, walking, and cycling. Make sure to not put too much stress on your body.

    • Therapy of heat and cold

    The use of heat and cold treatment is another to ease the pain. Use a bag of frozen peas or hot towel on the painful area for around 20 minutes. Make sure you do it alternatively, which means if you start with cold treatment then wait for 2 to 3 days to do heat treatment. Make sure to not apply the heat on the abdomen during pregnancy.

    In case you notice the pain is getting worse or you are not sure what to do then seek medical help right away from the best doctor.

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