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Causes of Lower Leg Pain and Treatments by Kalyan Hospital


Causes of Lower Leg Pain and Treatments by Kalyan Hospital

Lower leg pain is usually experienced by sportspeople when they overstretch their muscles while playing. If you suffer from this condition, you must go with a treatment option or ice therapy. These are both the only ways to get rid of this condition. Or you must visit the doctor for a proper check-up.

Leg pain is a common problem in both sexes due to several causes. You may experience stabbing, cramping, and burning sensations in your legs. In this condition, you must visit the ortho center to meet the orthopedic surgeon so that you can get a proper check-up of your legs. He first examines your condition and then recommends you the right treatment according to your condition.

Causes of leg pain.

Muscle Strain

Muscle strains are the most common cause of leg pain, due to which experience mild soreness, cramping or sharp, severe pain, and tearing sensation. You may also experience chronic pain, discomfort, brushing, and swelling as well. If you leave this condition untreated, then you may experience muscle problems. This condition may occur due to sudden trauma when you change your direction while playing basketball or tennis. In this condition, you must apply Ice to the affected or painful area to get rid of this condition as soon as possible. Or you can go with Anti-inflammatory drugs to treat severe pain and discomfort.

Shin Splints

Shin splints are explained as tibial stress syndrome, which is stated as an inflammatory condition of the muscles. You may also experience this problem in tissues that are near the shin bone and tendons. You may experience chronic pain in certain parts of the tibia, where calf muscles are attached to the bones. You will surely experience pain after practicing any physical activity. These are caused due to exercise-related injury, that is common in runners and athletes as well. To get rid of this condition, you must go with ice therapy and you must avoid practicing that exercise, which leads you to this stage.


This is another cause of leg pain that is caused during sports due to overuse injury. In addition to this, you may experience inflammation and severe pain in your lower leg. For the treatment of this condition, you must visit the bone hospital so that you can get a proper check-up of your condition.

Stress Fracture

This stress fracture condition is described as tiny breaks in a bone that you usually experience in the lower legs. You experience severe pain even during rest time. This condition is caused due to an overuse injury that transfers stress into the bone, and you experience a stress fracture. You must take proper rest for at least one week and go with prescribed medicines so that you can get rid of pain in your lower legs.

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