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Combining latest and improved spinal surgical method for better spine outcomes


    Combining latest and improved spinal surgical method for better spine outcomes

    When you plan to undergo any surgical method the patients need to choose the best surgeon. They make sure you are well-informed about the treatment and get the desired results you are looking for. If you are planning to get spine surgery in Ludhiana, then make sure to get in touch with the doctor and get the best treatment plan for improved health.


    Innovations in Spine surgery

    • Medical science has advanced a lot that helps the patient to undergo the treatment with ease. The option of minimally invasive surgery and robotic spine surgery has made a lot of difference in getting the treatment.

    The combination of these technologies is what helps the patient greatly. You can say that the adoption of these methods has changed the entire spine surgery field and to move forward with time.

    • When you consult the best surgeon he makes sure to give the improved and latest treatment that helps the patient to get better results. Not just the way of doing treatment has changed but the patients also get the utmost benefits.

    Make sure to seek help from the best spine surgeon. The best spine doctor will develop clinical and research protocols along with combination procedures.


    Advanced procedure different from the traditional approach

    • In comparison to traditional open spine surgery, there is the option of MILARS and extensive muscle manipulation which helps in giving a better approach. Lateral access helps in giving spine surgery in a way that is frequently muscle sparing and there is a profound implication for the recovery process.
    • In this case, the blood loss is minimized and hospital stay is less because this is not as disruptive for the body physiology of the body.
    • The lateral access spine treatment gives the option of indirect spinal decompression which lessens the nerve irritation which can occur with direct manipulation.

    When these approaches are combined in the surgical process everything will be done effectively in the operating room. In simple terms, you will be able to get the desired results you are looking for.

    For example:

    The option of a lateral access method with robotic screw placement can be done within less than one hour. Whereas with the open approach it can take several hours. This is because everything is done precisely and effectively under the effective guidance system.

    The screw placement is done with the help of robots that makes the entire working even better. Additionally, the operation is done safely and on time.


    Focus on the problem

    Some of the other indications include degenerative disease and adjacent segment disease.


    Consult the doctor

    There is no doubt, which this approach, the patients will love all the benefits they get. Especially, the recovery is faster which makes them return to the normal working routine on time. To have the best treatment plan, get in touch with the surgeon, tell them about the issues you have, and clear all your doubts also.

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