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How much is the total cost of spine surgical procedures in India?


    How much is the total cost of spine surgical procedures in India?

    Cost of spine surgical procedures in India: Back injuries are common and they can result in permanent and temporary. With the spine surgery in Ludhiana, the problem can be fixed and the patient can live a better life. Also, the cost of spine surgery in India is less as compared to other countries.

    Undergoing the spine surgery from the best orthopedic surgeon is going to tell you better how the surgery can be beneficial for your condition and what type of surgery you need to get.


    What is spine surgery?

    The spinal cord is the main pathway that connects the brain to the nervous system. If there is a sudden jerk or traumatic blow to the spine then it leaves the vertebrae with fractures or the vertebrae can get dislocated. The injuries can be permanent or temporary. The fusion surgery helps to fix the vertebral segment.

    To increase the success rate, the spine surgery which is given to the patients has advanced. The minimally invasive spine surgery helps the surgeon to make the incisions at particular sites of the body and repair the damaged spinal tissues.


    What does the spine procedure cost in India?

    Price is the most important consideration for patients. They need to choose the best doctor who understands the working on the procedure in and out. The cost of spine surgery in India is less as compared to developed nations like the US and UK.


    Type of Spine Surgery USA UK India Thailand Singapore
    Discectomy $30,000 $34,000 $3,600 $4,500 $5,500
    Cervical Spine Surgery $58,000 $48,000 $5,500 $6,500 $8,500



    Spine Fusion $60,000 $45,000 $6,000 $7,500 $9,000
    Vertebroplasty $40,000 $32,000 $4,200 $5,500 $6,500
    Spinal Disc Replacement $55,000 $44,000 $7,500 $9,500 $11,500



    Who should choose the spine procedure?

    The spine procedure success rate is higher and it is the best option for the patients to live a better life. If the non-operative conditions are not working or your condition is getting worse within the time of 6 to 12 months, then it is best to get the spine surgery. In cases like sciatica, spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis, degenerative scoliosis, or any other spine-related condition the patient needs to get surgery.


    How spine surgery is beneficial?

    The surgery is a great way to get rid of the excessive pain, it makes life pain-free, and postoperative pain is not there.


    How many international patients come to India for spine surgery?

    Well, there is n number of reasons due to which international patients prefer India for undergoing spine surgery. The maximum number of patients for Spine Surgery come from –UK, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Uzbekistan, Australia, USA, Afghanistan, and Oman

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