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Different Causes of Sciatica


    Different Causes of Sciatica

    Many people face the problem of extreme pain in the leg and even after trying different things it is not going away. Then it means you are facing the sciatic pain. If this sounds familiar to you then don’t worry as this guide will help you know the different causes behind it. Also, make sure to consult the doctor for the right information.

    Sciatica pain is caused when pressure is put on the sciatic nerve. Given below are the top causes for the sciatica pain:

    • Piriformis syndrome

    The most common cause is piriformis syndrome when the pressure is put on the sciatic nerve by the piriformis muscle. The hip joints and pelvis can come out of their place due to the muscle imbalance in the lower back, hips, or core. Due to this, the muscle position can change which irritates and touches the sciatic nerve.

    No matter what the reason is, if it is not treated by the ortho doctor at the right time it can cause major issues. This is the reason, muscle imbalance can make the problem even worse.

    • Herniated disc

    Another cause is when pressure is put by the bulging or herniated disc. When the disc shifts from its position, no matter due to accident or any kind of trauma the muscle imbalance can occur which starts putting more pressure on the nerves. In such cases, even the slightest pressure can aggravate the pain.

    • Spinal Stenosis

    Pressure caused by spinal stenosis, which means the space between the vertebrae decreases and it can pinch nerves along the spinal column. This is caused due to the uneven pressure and changes occurring at the hormonal level.

    • Isthmic Spondylolisthesis

    Isthmic spondylolisthesis occurs when the vertebrae move or slip from the spinal alignment. In some cases, it can pinch the sciatic nerve. The condition can get worse if the muscle strength is affected.

    Additional Cause of Sciatic Pain

    The sciatic pain can come into your life because of the daily habits or lifestyle preferences you follow.

    Therefore, it becomes essential that you follow a healthy lifestyle and seek medical advice so that your condition does not get worse. Taking preventive measures and following the doctor’s suggestion at the right time is very essential to counter such a problem.

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