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Different Non-Surgical Back Pain Treatments


    Different Non-Surgical Back Pain Treatments

    Back pain is the most common problem. Around 80% of adults are affected by this problem. In some cases, the problem can develop due to heavy lifting or accidents. Getting the treatment of long-term chronic back pain is very important. In this guide, we have shared the non-surgical back pain treatment.


    Back pain is one of the major issues faced by older people as well as adults. When the problem develops, we look for the best treatment course to get back to a normal working routine. But, before starting any treatment you must consult the best spine specialist. He will develop an appropriate treatment program according to your condition and medical history. In case, the problem is severe then the doctor can recommend you back pain surgery. 

    The main goal of managing lower back pain treatment include:

    • Providing relief to the patient so that he or she can do the daily work without any problem.
    • Preventing the risk of further injury or stress to the spine due to bad posture.

    Non-surgical Back Pain Treatment

    Patients who have just started facing the problem of back pain and it is very mild can get relief from the non-surgical treatment options. When you visit the doctor, he will diagnose your condition and give you the most reliable option which can help to reduce the severity of back pain. Some of the common non-surgical treatment options include:

    • Heat or ice treatment

    Applying a heating pad or ice pack on the lower back pain can help the patient to get relief. In some cases, either one of them can work effectively or both of them can reduce the pain.

    • Pain Medications

    Some of the common lower back pain medications are muscle relaxants, acetaminophen, narcotic drugs, NSAIDs, oral steroids, and antidepressants. Keep in mind, all of them have their own benefits, risks, and limitations. Additionally, every case is different so you should take the medications by consulting the doctor.

    • Therapeutic Massage

    Therapeutic Massage helps in improving the blood flow in the body which reduces muscle stiffness and helps you get relief from lower back pain.

    • Epidural Injections

    An epidural injection is put into the spine which contains steroids and it helps to reduce lower back pain by lowering the inflammation.

    • Exercise Regime

    Your doctor will tell you different back exercises along with physical therapy which can reduce the lower back pain. The different types of exercise include stretching, strengthening, and low-impact aerobic.

    • TENS Units

    It is an electronic device that interferes with the pain signals sent to the lower back and reduces the pain.

    • Manual Manipulation

    This treatment is done under the supervision of the health care professional. The treatment helps in reducing the pressure on the lower back and increases blood flow, flexibility, and reduces muscle tension.

    For more information, you should consult our doctor and he will let you know what you need to do to manage your condition.

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