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Everything You Must Know About Knee Replacement


Everything You Must Know About Knee Replacement

The most common procedure of joint is a knee replacement. Every year around 1 million knee replacement procedure is performed. It can be quite difficult to know when you have to get the surgery.

When is the right time to have the replacement?

The knee replacement surgery is performed when the pain in the knee joint cannot be controlled properly. This means that the symptoms which you are experiencing cannot be controlled by the non-operative ways of treatment. In the surgery, the surgeon removes the part which is damaged and replaces it with plastic and metal implant.

Choosing to get surgery is definitely a big decision. You need to get the surgery when the pain is not going away due to which you cannot do your work effectively. If anything is not clear then you should seek the help of the specialist to know everything in more detail.

Is any other option there except for replacement?

There are some cases, in which the doctor suggests to try non-operative ways before undergoing the surgery. There can include reducing the weight, taking the joint supplements, Hyaluronic Acid (e.g. Synvisc) Injections, anti-inflammatory medication, making modifications in the activity, and cortisone injection. In most cases, these methods might not prove beneficial but patients are able to address that they are suffering from knee arthritis and need the replacement.

Knee Replacement Implant

With this procedure, the joint lining which is damaged is removed and the joint surface is replaced which helps the knee to function in a similar way as a normal knee. Over the years, the technique has been modified a lot so that the best possible results are achieved which last for a long time. Some additional options for implants are custom knee replacements, gender-specific knee replacements, rotating knee replacements, and partial knee replacements.

In some cases, the patient get benefit from a specific type of implant which helps in addressing the instability or deformity in a better way. Make sure you consult the doctor so that they recommend you which one will suit your condition the best.

The procedure of Knee Replacement

When the surgery is performed, the bone and cartilage are removed from the end of the thigh bone and top of the shin bone. They are removed by using the instruments which help in creating a surface which is perfect for the implant.

Risk Involved in the surgery

There is some potential risk involved with surgery such as blood clot, infection, stiffness, and blood loss.

If you want further information or have any question then you should visit our hospital and consult the doctor regarding your doubts.

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