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Guide to Cervical Health and Healing


Guide to Cervical Health and Healing

The cervical problem is related to the cervical spine which consists of seven vertebrates labeled C1 to C7, and it plays an important role in supporting the head’s weight and leads to all the movements of the neck. Cervical problem also known as arthritis of the neck. Cervical problems include conditions like stiff neck, neck pain, herniated discs etc. For more information you should be visiting the best ortho hospital in Ludhiana.


Common cervical conditions are: 


  • Neck Pain: One of the main indications of cervical problems is neck pain. Generally neck pain can be caused due to muscle strain, poor posture, injuries, or underlying medical conditions.
  • Stiffness: In the cervical problem, you often feel your neck to be stiffed which includes the feeling of tightness or reduced flexibility in the neck and create problems in the movement of the neck.
  • Radiating pain: Radiating pain means that pain which go beyonds neck pain and you feel pain in all the nearby areas to the neck such as shoulder, upper back, and sometimes radiating arms.
  • Herniated Disc: A herniated or slipped disc is a condition in which a disc nucleus which is pushed out of annulus which gets fragmented. It leads to the compression of a nerve which causes pain, numbness in the neck and arms.


    • Muscle strain or Sprain: Muscle strain or sprain occurs due to overuse or poor posture of the neck which causes strain in the neck which leads to the pain and discomfort in the neck.


  • Whiplash injury: Whiplash injury is caused due to sudden injury while movement in the neck, often associated with car accidents, causing strain in the neck.
  • Cervical Radiculopathy: Cervical radiculopathy is related to the condition of compression or irritation in the nerve system of the cervical spine. 



Treatment of Cervical problem:The treatment procedure of cervical problem depends on its cause and its condition. Here are some common treatments for the cervical problem:


  • Rest and Activity Modification: The foremost thing suggested by your physiotherapist will be to take complete rest and avoid heavy activities which can make the condition worse such as avoid bad postures, practicing neck exercise. 


    • Pain medication: In the cervical problem, we feel a lot of pain and stiffness near our neck area which can be corrected by getting medicines as suggested by your doctor to get relief from the pain.
    • Physical Therapy: Physical therapy will be suggested by your physiotherapist to strengthen your neck muscles and improve the posture and flexibility, to make your neck bone and muscles healthy and stronger.
    • Heat or cold therapy: Heat or cold therapy is a phenomena related to applying heat or cold pack on the affected area to reduce the inflammation and the pain.


  • Injections or tractions: Injections will be given on the affected area by your physiotherapist, if you will be suffering a lot of pain. Injection will help to get relief from the pain instantly. And traction includes a gentle push to the neck to relieve the pressure on the neck. 


  • Surgery: In the case of severe cervical problems when any other method is not giving relief from the pain then the surgery is also one of the options to get relief from cervical problems. There are different types of surgeries such as discectomy, fusion, or decompression procedures depending upon the situation of your cervical problem.

If you are facing any kind of cervical problem then it is suggested to consult a good spine surgeon from the best ortho hospital in Ludhiana.

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