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Habits that can help you build healthy joints


Habits that can help you build healthy joints

Our body contains joints which work in different manners and helps to perform the daily activities. With time, the movement can result in a lot of wear and tear. Not just the damage but it will lose flexibility. Read the given topic to learn healthy habits to have healthy joints.

Here are some of the simple steps shared by our ortho doctor to keep the joints flexible and move for many years to come.

  • Keep the body weight stable

Most important, is the body weight, if you have excess weight then you need to lose it right away. If not then it can make the joints worse. You should follow a safe and effective approach to keep the body weight stable.

Make sure to follow a healthy diet, do cardiovascular exercise, meditate, and yoga. Lower the amount of fat and carbohydrates and increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables along with protein to lose weight. In many cases, individuals are able to lose weight just by focusing on the diet and it helps to keep the joint in proper working condition.

In case, you notice the problem is not solving or the problem is getting worse than seek medical help. Sometimes the patient needs to undergo joint replacement to get rid of the problematic joints.

  • Follow an exercise regime

You should not be lazy all day long. Make sure you exercise on a daily basis. Keeping your body moving will improve the blood flow to the joints and this can make the healing process better.

The ideal option is to do cardiovascular exercise. In addition, combine yoga with it but make sure the cardiovascular exercise is done on a moderate level to lose weight. Combining strength training and weight training with the cardiovascular routine will boost muscle strength. Use light weights so that it supports the joint and makes the muscle strong. In a day do exercise for around 45 minutes.

  • Keep the body posture correct

Most of us are working in a profession where we need to sit on the computer desk for a long time. But with time, the joints get affected and the person slouches in the chair.

First of all, sit in an upright position by keeping the back straight and feet firm on the ground. Every 20 minutes you should walk and if possible, stretch the legs and back. By keeping the correct body posture will keep the joint flexible and you do not have to deal with joint pain.

  • Follow a healthy diet

Include the food options which contain calcium like lean meat, nuts, soy products, broccoli, seafood, and dairy products. Vitamin D is needed to absorb calcium into the bones which you can get through sunlight, meat, and egg yolks.

Talk to the doctor to understand in a better way what you can do to keep the joints healthy and working effectively for a long time.

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