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Is it Possible to Get both Knee Replaced?


Is it Possible to Get both Knee Replaced?

Knee problems, not only experienced by old age people, but adults also suffer from this condition, due to injury or trauma as well. If you are also suffering from knee problems, such as pain, feeling difficulty in walking or taking steps, and so on, then you have to undergo the knee replacement treatment.

These days, knee problems are too common not only in old age people, but also experienced by adults as well as athletes due to injury or trauma. Knee problems lead to severe pain, discomfort, feeling difficult to take a single step, and stiffness too. So, you have to visit the ortho doctor, he may recommend you the knee replacement in India according to your condition.

Knee replacement is one of the best solutions to treat knee problems. However, some people need to undergo a bilateral knee replacement procedure. This is the procedure which is performed when a patient is suffering from severe condition. Well, arthritis is the inflammation condition, which does not affect only one joint, you may experience problems in several joints or both knees. If you are experiencing the severe condition, then you may need to undergo the bilateral knee replacement surgical procedure.

During the knee surgery, your specialist replaces the broken and affected parts of the knee joint with metallic implants. In addition to this, these implants are useful to restore the strength and lost function of the knee.

Who are eligible for bilateral knee replacement?

As we stated above bilateral knee replacement is performed at those who are suffering from a severe arthritis condition. Or this is usually taken by those who are-:

  • Fit physically
  • Who has the ability to get the rehabilitation process routinely after getting the procedure.

Types of Knee replacement

There are two kinds of the knee replacement procedure, in which one is performed the same day on both knees. Whereas, in the second type knee replacement procedure performs two times on different days on both knees.

However, if you undergo a bilateral knee replacement procedure, then there is no need for two operations. In fact, both knees can be replaced in one operation in one sitting. Well, people who have good health are eligible for this treatment option, but if you are suffering from lung problems and heart diseases, then you must avoid getting this treatment. As it will increase your chances of developing the risk of severe conditions.

Bilateral Knee replacement Recovery

  • You have to stay in the hospital for at least 5 days after getting the knee replacement procedure.
  • In addition to this, you have to take proper rest for at least two weeks, so that you can recover properly on time.
  • Make sure, you must take only prescribed medications if you are feeling pain and discomfort too.

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