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Is Knee Osteoarthritis Reversible?


Is Knee Osteoarthritis Reversible?

Osteoarthritis of the knee affects the bones, synovium, and cartilage in the knee joint. Cartilage is slippery tissue which helps in providing smooth surface. Synovium helps in producing fluid for lubrication. If there functioning get affected, bone get damaged. In this topic, we have shared whether knee osteoarthritis is reversible.

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis which affects many people all over the world. The problem occurs when the protective cartilage which supports the bones get affected with time. Although this condition can affect any joint but most commonly the knees, spine, hands, and hips get affected.

Is it possible to reverse the Osteoarthritis condition?

Osteoarthritis is classified as degenerative joint disease by the joint degeneration and it is its main function. This issue is very common and around 1 in 8 individuals are affected with it. Moreover, there has been an increase in its numbers over the last 50 years.

Just keep in mind whenever you are facing problems or have symptoms which affect the working routine then consult the best ortho doctor for the arthritis treatment.

Osteoarthritis Myths

  • Many people believe that this condition occurs due to a natural part of the aging. This is linked with the routine joint wear and tear. But this is not true in every case.
  • One of the studies have shown that to a certain extent the progression can be stopped. Interestingly the problem being progressed is seen in few patients.

What does the study have to show?

  • One of the medications which have found benefit in treating the condition with a group of drugs known as GAG’s (Glycosaminoglycans). This actually forms structural components of major joints and connective tissues.
  • The medication being used is  Chondroitin Sulphate which works in repairing process. Most importantly, analgesics are used and other combination of painkillers for treating the problem.
  • The analgesic therapy helps in addressing the osteoarthritis symptoms but they won’t last for a long time.
  • Studies have shown that around 20% of patients undergoing the analgesic group Vs 50% of patients undergoing chondroitin sulfate therapy can return to normal activities. Although still this option is not 100% effective but yes it helped in slowing down its progression.
  • The clinical evidence that it helped in providing benefits are with the rough dose of 1 to 1.5gm per day. Also, the pain score and joint functioning was improved. Another benefit is that its side effects are minimal and oral doses should be given safely.
  • There are different agents like Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and  alpha-tocopherol administered in different doses. Studies have shown that it benefited the patine with the joint range movement, workability improved, and pain score decreased.

If you are facing problems then you should talk with the doctor to get a reliable treatment plan according to your situation.

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