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Is walking the best way to Start Getting Active with Arthritis?


    Is walking the best way to Start Getting Active with Arthritis?

    Walking is considered to be a low-impact form of exercise that helps to control mood, heart and joint health. You should wear proper shoes and carry a water bottle while walking. It is often wise to start slowly and then increase the pace when possible. Here, we are going to discuss how to walking is the best way to overcome Arthritis issues.

    If you are suffering from arthritis and do not perform exercise regularly then you should try walking. Walking proves to be beneficial for those patients who are suffering from arthritis in a weight-bearing joint such as hip and knee.

    If you observe that you are suffering from arthritis in weight-bearing joints then you should consult ortho doctor to get arthritis treatment on time.

    Walking is termed as a low-impact activity that relieves arthritis stiffness, swelling, and pain. Walking can be a great form of exercise not only for arthritis reason but also makes the body fit and healthy by maintaining weight.

    How walking ensures better health especially for arthritis patients?

    Some benefits of walking are as shown below:-


    • It’s easy. This is a natural form of locomotion for human beings and there is no requirement of classes or training to learn how to walk.
    • It’s free. This form of exercise is free of cost and does not require any peculiar equipment. You can start walking on your lawn or in your neighborhood park with your peers or pet.
    • It uses the whole body. Mostly all major groups of muscles are required to maintain motion, posture, and balance while walking. Even the muscles of the arms and shoulders are also used when you are walking at high speed.
    • It burns calories. This exercise helps to burns calories which helps to maintain a healthy weight.
    • It’s a mood booster. There are a plethora of ways available to boost your mood. But walking helps to promote the release of chemicals known as endomorphism in the brain which helps to boosts the mood. If you walk out in lawn then it can cheer your mood and eradicates your stress.


    Thus, walking helps to make the person mentally and physically active.

    Tips for getting started with walking

    Start slowly and easily, and gradually increase your running time and speed. For instance, after dinner, you can walk 15 minutes this week then set a target of 20 minutes for next week. You should create a path that brings you back home after achieving your goal distance. You can build trust by winning small victories.

    If you are also suffering from arthritis issues then you should go for a walk as it can help you to overcome these issues.

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