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Life after a Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery- Complicated or Not?


Life after a Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery- Complicated or Not?

Orthopaedic surgeries have for long been associated with a longer recovery period. However, the modern era with its technology has introduced us to several minimally invasive procedures with a definite benefit of a shorter recovery period. But, can we all agree that even minimally spine surgeries require a shorter recovery period?

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeries & the Standard Open Spine Surgery

We often meet a number of patients who are generally afraid of spine surgeries. This is regardless of being minimally invasive or standard spine surgeries. The stigma that has lingered for decades repeatedly renders individuals to live in pain due to;

  • Fear that they might fail to return to their normal lives
  • Failure of the surgery to deliver the desired outcomes
  • A long recovery period
  • Excess pain during the surgery and recovery

However, minimally invasive surgeries are performed with advanced surgical instruments, which lasts for a few hours compared to the standard open surgery.

In addition, minimally invasive spine surgery in Ludhiana is much more convenient and offers a manageable recovery period. It is also evident that minimally invasive spine surgeries require a shorter recovery period to allow patients to return to normal duties.

How fast will I return to my Normal Life?

Generally, a patient will require 4 days to return to his normal life after a minimally invasive while other patients may require at least two weeks. Patients undergoing multiple operations will require an extended recovery period of over three weeks, ideally far better than open surgery.

Why Choose a Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery?

We must agree that a surgical procedure is a surgical procedure with its normal risks, like pain. However, minimally invasive spine surgery manipulates the situation to lessen pain and side effects. Some of the benefits of a minimally invasive spine surgery include;

More affordable than in the past – minimally invasive spine surgeries are generally advanced when compared to open surgeries, and they are worth every penny.

Less trauma, Less pain – Since microscopic instruments are used, the level of trauma is less, and so is the extent of pain.
Efficacy- minimally invasive spine surgery is an advanced surgery performed with total expertise. With that, excellent outcomes are assured regardless of the surgery’s complexity.

Less bleeding – standard orthopaedic surgeries are associated with an increased extent of bleeding. That is why blood transfusion is common. However, a minimally invasive spine surgery won’t require a blood transfusion since it results in less bleeding.

A manageable recovery period – Since tiny incisions are made during the operation, it is easier for a patient to take care of the stitched wound during recovery.


Daily pain causes more disruptions than when an individual finally undergoes a minimally invasive spine surgery. Contemporary surgical approaches are certainly more effective and are designed to suit patients’ interests.
With that, discussing with an experienced surgical doctor to plan your surgery and the entire treatment phase is essential.

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