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Poor Posture And Back Pain


    Poor Posture And Back Pain

    Standing and sitting for a long time or having poor posture will lead you to back and spine pain. Several people are working for long hours and experience chronic back pain due to poor posture. In this article, you will read how poor postures cause back pain.

    Yes, it is true that poor postures result in spine problems. Having Unsupported postures weaken your tissues in the lower back and leads you to severe pain. Chronic back pain also occurs due to an injury after lifting a heavy object incorrectly. In this condition, you need to visit the doctor to get the treatment of back pain.

    Common poor postural habits

    • If you are lying on your belly on the bed while reading a book or working on a laptop.
    • Slouching or sitting slumped on the office chair as well as on the couch.
    • If you are not sitting on a bed in a proper posture while reading a book or using a laptop.
    • Hunching forward while weeding the garden, additionally washing dishes for a long time.
    • Lifting heavy objects from the floor incorrectly.
    • In the case of using a vacuum cleaner with one hand.
    • Long Arm movements are also responsible for back pain.
    • If you are walking in a hunched or poor manner without supporting the head or the trunk
    • A long time standing with the bodyweight concentrated on one leg.

    These are the main back pain causes that you experience due to poor posture. In this case, you do not delay the treatment, because it leads you to chronic conditions in the future.

    How poor posture results in back pain?

    • A long time hunching results in straining in back, core, and abdominal muscles. This also reduces the blood supply to these organs and weakens your trunk, due to which you experience back pain.
    • A poor sitting posture affects the lower spinal discs and results in herniation.
    • Prolonged usage of a laptop or reading a book lying on belly results in hip and back problems. So, you must avoid reading a book and using a laptop in this manner.

    Here are some preventative tips, that you should know.

    • During walking, it is necessary to look straight ahead and keep your spine straight.
    • Sit properly with support and get regular breaks after every hour, because prolonged sitting leads you to back pain and other spine problems.
    • Lift heavy objects carefully and correctly from the floor by bending your knees.

    If you are still suffering from severe back pain, then you need to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

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