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Risk Factors and prevention of Osteoarthritis of knee


    Risk Factors and prevention of Osteoarthritis of knee

    Osteoarthritis is the painful and inflammation condition of joints such as hands, spine, knees, and so on. If you are struggling to get rid of this condition then must visit our hospital because we have specialization in this field. We will surely guide you on how to treat your condition.

    These days, millions of people are suffering from this osteoarthritis condition because of which they are unable to perform day to day activities. In addition, this osteoarthritis condition happens when your protective cartilage internally breaks down. In addition, this problem is experienced by old age or obese people more than others. This condition affects several parts of your body, such as the spine, hands, knees, and hips.

    Because of this, you will experience chronic pain, inflammation, and stiffness. In this condition, you must visit the ortho doctor in order to get arthritis treatment. Many people experience a problem in their knee joints due to osteoarthritis, which can only be treated with the help of knee replacement.

    Stages of osteoarthritis

    There are several stages of osteoarthritis such as minor, mild, moderate, and severe. These are explained as below-:

    Stage 1: Minor

    In this stage, you will experience small lumps of bone in your knee area, which are known as osteophytes. And these lumps are responsible for damage to the cartilage. In this, people usually experience less pain as compared to others. You may also not experience too much stiffness and discomfort as well. But you must go for a check-up with the doctor so that he can examine you and tell you whether you need treatment.

    Stage 2: Mild

    Mild is the second stage of osteoarthritis, in which you may start noticing some symptoms such as little pain and stiffness. In this stage, you must get a check-up from the doctor. He may suggest you go through X-rays and other types of scans of the knee joints. These options are useful to give you an idea of osteophyte growth, and about the cartilage.

    Stage 3: Moderate

    In this stage, you will notice cartilage damage and the gap between your bones through X-rays. These X-rays also reveal about your cartilage whether it is in good condition or not. In addition to this, you will experience severe pain and stiffness when you walk, run, and perform some other day-to-day activities.

    Stage 4 – Severe

    In this stage, you may need to undergo a knee replacement surgical procedure because this is the last stage of osteoarthritis, and you will surely experience discomfort, severe pain, inflammation, and stiffness in your joints. Well, this stage is usually experienced by older people and those suffering from obesity.

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